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What's ironic about this weekend, is that I'm about to go look at vintage furniture.. Yes, I know. Vintage furniture, right after I just wrote that very nasty blog entry about how only idiots use the word vintage in the common parlance these days.

but, I try not to be a liar and that's what I'm gonna do. You see the house I live in, Meowderly, was built in the mid-century modern style. If you aren't sure what that means, in this case it means that my home was built in the 60's with an open floor plan, huge glass windows and a clean aesthetic. Here are some pictures that may help you visualize (note* not my house).

Now I don't need to do my entire home like I'm a swinger from the 60's but I thought it would be nice to do the living room at least, because its the one room that really looks like those pictures. But where am I supposed to get this furniture? Because if you've bought a couch in the last few years, then you may recall, right now we are all about overstuffed, upholstered, and i just don't know... but its not what I'm looking for.

So after some more googling, I found this place and they sell what I'm looking for and its vintage, and pricey. So I'm also going to look at IKEA, cause i think they may possibly be a little closer to that clean, low-slung aesthetic than anyone else.

this amuses me in a way, because I never thought I'd be shopping at IKEA because I liked their design aesthetic. hah!


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