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roy "big tummy" nelson

ok - just to warn you, this entire entry is about MMA (mixed martial arts) so if you don't watch or don't care.. then don't read.

Otherwise, Stefan Struve WTF??? I'll say it again, WTF!!!!??

I am referring to this week's UFC matchup of Stefan 'Skyscraper' Struve and Roy 'Big Country' Nelson. If you are at all familiar, then you know that Stefan Struve (6'11'' from holland) is not a bad fighter at all. and if you watched season 10 of Ultimate Fighter, then you know that Nelson is this loud-mouth, who was the unexpected and non-fan favourite winner of the season. And I'm not just saying that cause I think he's an ass. Look at Frank Mir. That's a guy who is blatantly out for himself but I still like him (cause he's honest about it).

but back to Roy Nelson. In addition to being an ass, his primary fighting technique seems to consist of bull-rushing the opponent, knocking them over, pinning them to the ground with his belly, and then thumping them in the face til its over. which may be strangely compelling the first time you watch it, but it really gets old after the 3rd or 4th time.

that's why I was really looking forward to the fight with Struve, who said during pre-fight interviews that he was going to keep Nelson at a distance and pick him apart. This should have been doable and if you saw the beginning of this fight, it was comical. I told the loml, "Have you ever seen the footage of that fight between Bruce Lee and Kareem Abdul Jabar?" Because that's what it looked like in a strange way, Skyscraper Struve squaring off against short and tubby Roy Nelson.

but it ceased being funny the moment Nelson bull-rushed Struve, got inside his reach and yes, you guessed it, took him out. game over.

SO again I say, STRUVE! WTF??? WHY ISNT ANYONE TAKING ROY NELSON SERIOUSLY???? He's hauling a gut there! That takes muscle, come on people!!!!

arrrrghhhh.. So by all means, let Roy in on the title hunt. Cause dammit people, this supposed to be about more than brute force.


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