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May 4, 2010

i heart the weather

I love spring. Especially when its pretending to be summer, which is what we are getting out here right now. The weather is warm and a little humid, my hair is getting big, and life feels good in general. which reminds me, I need to shave the cats. but not all of them, just the turkish angoras. They've been laying around showing their tummies, which I think is their way of saying "its so dang hot that I got to expose my belly.. shave me, please..."

ok, I had to take a small break to make some iced tea... its that kind of day. anyway.. shaving the fuzzies. The only real problem with doing this is that their fur is so fine, that the guards on the electric trimmer doo-hickey don't do it real well and I wind up half-assing the job using the bare razor. The cats actually don't care as long as I keep dumping treats on the counter (see, i knew that psychology degree would come in handy). its too bad I don't have any hairdressing experience because from what I can tell, there's like a million people on youtube with videos of successful cat shaving..

oh well.. guess I'll spend my lazy afternoon watching strange videos.

May 7, 2010

why can't you seee-eeee-eeee

I was listening to the top 20 on my radio today and that song came on by Taylor Swift. Its the one where she sings about being in love with her male best friend who is dating some awful girl who treats him badly. You might know it by the catchy chorus of something like:
Why can't you see..ee..eee.ee
You belong with me..eee...eeee

So I dunno why this song is still on the top twenty but every time I hear it, I just get pissed off and pretty much for the same reason that I get mad when I head "If I was a Boy" by Beyonce.

its the lyrics. Now I don't know about Beyonce, but I believe Taylor Swift writes her own stuff (which I admire in an artist. I actually think it should be a requirement but whatever). Anyway, Taylor Swift says she likes her songs to be personal so that her fans can relate. I think that is awesome. but what I do not think is awesome is that group of middle-aged women who feel that Taylor Swift's music somehow represents them.

Seriously ladies, if you ever find yourself listening to one of her songs and thinking "oh yeah.. this is just how my life is right now." then you have a problem. Let's take "You belong with me" for example. I find this whole thing is neatly summed up with one set of lyrics (see below):
'Cause she wears high heels, I wear sneakers
She's cheer captain and I'm on the bleachers
Dreamin' bout the day when you wake up and find
That what you're lookin' for has been here the whole time

So Taylor Swift was born in December '89. In addition to being a Sagittarius, that also makes her about 19.. so I understand that she might be a little confused about why this guy isn't going for her. but I'll spell it out just in case I accidentally tricked some middle-aged lady fan of Ms. Swift's into reading this post.

He just isn't that into you. or in a vernacular that may be more appropriate for an older generation: Ring Ring, its the clue phone! That man you are pining for prefers women who know who they are and what they want. And that sadly, is not you.

So if you find that this song is representing your current life.. then catch a hint (and some self-respect). and lay-off the female on female hate. You aren't going to get any respect for your choices by disrespecting other people's choices (cheerleaders, high heels, or anything else).

Thank you.. that is all.

May 12, 2010

two true things

I like to try new things, but usually they are big things. like when I decided to get a motorcycle license.. but in the last week, I've encountered a couple of new things that have really amazed me. So here they are, in no particular order:

1. Honey Nut Cheerios: I don't know why the loml bought these. Usually, we have a lot of honey bunches of oats or whatever that stuff is. and I haven't been much of a cereal person since I OD'd on the cereal bar in college (you try eating lucky charms for two out of three meals every day for a couple of years, and see where that gets you). but this last weekend, all we had where these honey nut cheerios, so i tried them. and DAMN, they were really good. Better than I ever remembered that they might have been. So I told the loml "these cheerios taste way better than I remember." and he tells me "that's because they are honey nut cheerios". I hadn't realized that they now have at least two types, regular (which must be the suck type I recall) and these "new" honey nut ones. wow! So there you have it, good stuff people!

2. Arizona Iced Tea - Southern Style Sweet Tea: Ok, I spent some years in the south. I even spent one summer working as a waitress in a Ryan's steak house, so I do think I know something about sweet tea. In fact, it still mystifies me that people who have no compunction about drinking Coke are willing to live their lives eating in restaurants that don't offer sweet tea as an option. but I digress... Point is that today, I bought an Arizon Iced Tea - Southern style sweet tea today. And you know what? It tasted like ASS! (note* this is purely hypothetical. they day I figure out what ass tastes like, I may write a whole new blog.. maybe next year). In fact, Arizona Iced Tea, which I think is actually based out of New York, doesn't seem to have a clue as to what Sweet Iced tea is supposed to taste like because the stuff I drank to today tastes almost like their "Green tea"... Which now makes me realize that I should've known, because their Green tea also tastes absolutely nothing like green tea. hrm..

So there you have it folks. Honey Nut Cheerios = Good; Arizona Iced Tea - Sweet Tea = absolutely awful.

May 22, 2010

my ex.

so its that time of year where the chickens come home to roost, and season finales abound. The one I'm particularly looking forward to is the final episode of 'Lost'.. and maybe not for the reasons that most people are. Because I hate that damn show with all my extra emotional bits that aren't being used for anything decent.

but recently, I had to come to terms with my feelings for 'Lost', especially after reading a commentary on jezebel.com about how 'Lost' can really inspire a maniacal hatred in some segments of the population. and I was like, 'oh, that's me..". And then one comment particularly caught my attention. the gist of the comment was basically asking how people could hate a show so much, when they didn't watch it.. and again, i was like "oh, that's me..." hrmmm.

See, the thing is, I watched the whole first season of "Lost" before I accepted that it was an abusive relationship wherein the writers did not respect me, the viewer. and that was when I decided to end it, and I haven't watched an episode since. You know why? Cause only stupid people hang out with the crazies (when they have a choice). I am not stupid.

And normally, this would have been a perfect, let bygones be bygones, outta sight outta mind kind of deal. but, the damn show would not go away. It kept popping up, on my DVR (the loml watches it), on my favourite news consolidation websites, on commercials...

It was like this whole Justin Bieber thing (who is this guy and why does he keep showing up in my news feeds???), but for SIX YEARS!????!

so, either way, I'm glad to see its almost over. And as soon as we all learn that the island is really the back of a giant magic turtle that supports one of the four corners of the earth, I can finally relax.

May 28, 2010

I'm a fan...

i don't know how many of you saw an article that hit the news earlier this week. It was about how a man working at an Ohio Dairy Farm was arrested for 12 counts of cruelty to animals after an animal rights group released some video footage of some really awful awful physical abuse of calves and cows. I'm not really going into it because it makes me feel sick, but you can find the news item if you just google "ohio dairy farm cruelty".

but that's what I want to talk about, the part where it makes me feel sick. Every posting of this news article that I've seen is always accompanied by a bunch of comments that say something like "this is sick, this is awful, I can't believe anyone would do such a thing.. blah blah blah".

so it would seem that many outspoken people are against the practice of beating up farm animals. and this is where I'm glad that I don't talk to too many people, because if I actually met someone who were to bring this topic up and then say "geez, I hope that man rots in jail cause what he did was awful.." then I would say, "What are you doing about it?"

because these days, telling people that you feel upset about something is about as effective as joining a Facebook group. So let's play a game. Take this dairy cow story for instance. According to the published details, the footage shows at least three or four people taking part. Now, I could be wrong but either Conklin Dairy Farms coincidentally hired three psychopaths OR they don't make a point of respecting their livestock, resulting in an environment where three dumbasses could get away with repeatedly engaging in animal cruelty.

I know some of you don't believe me, but when a company actually believes in a principle, they follow through on it. Look at Zappos.com. They believe in customer service. They screen their customer service reps (and I don't know what else they do) but if you've ever bought anything from them or had to engage their customer service for anything, you would 100% know that they put effort in this kind of thing. So yes, I am saying Conklin Dairy Farms is partly responsible for this.

but back to you, me, and the game. How do you know if you support the sadistic beating of dairy livestock? well, do you drink milk? Yes, OMG - maybe you do!! Do you know where your milk came from? Yes? No.. Maybe SO ?? Does that company respect their livestock? WHO KNOWS!!! Well, you would know if you cared enough to find out.

but let's try another one. How about that lesbian teenager in Mississippi who was told that she couldn't bring her date to the prom? and then when the ACLU stepped in to demand that she be allowed to attend with her date, her school and colluding parents held a secret special separate prom for all the rest of the kids, that she wasn't invited to.

If you read about it and that upset you, what did you do about it? Did you donate money to the ACLU? or a local resource to help gay youth? did you do anything?

My point is put up or shut up (to me at least). Because if you can't be bothered to even try to live your life according to your principles, then maybe you should learn some other phrases. like... "feeding my family cheap steak is more important to me than respecting animal life" or "being able to eat exotic fruit year round is more important to me than making sure I'm not supporting underage slave labor in other countries" or "its easier to be outraged on Facebook about the teen bullying epidemic than it is to actually ask my local school if they have an anti-bullying program"

dang, this game is fun.


I just read an article published in 1970, titled "The Politics of Housework" by Pat Mainardi. It centers on the historical oppression of women (and the lower classes) especially in the area of housework, and the techniques that those in power (white males) exercise in order to maintain that state. Why would any man do this? For this one simple reason "They recognize the essential fact of housework right from the very beginning. Which is that it stinks."

As I read the article, I was glad to see that the loml and I don't encounter these situations very often, but yet there were still several items that were eerily familiar. The article is a quick read and I recommend it to everyone. But for those who think that this stuff isn't for them, I'll quote some examples of things that men say along with the author's interpretation:

  • "I don' t mind sharing the work, but you'll have to show me how to do it." MEANING: I ask a lot of questions and you'll have to show me everything every time I do it because I don't remember so good. Also don' t try to sit down and read while I'M doing my jobs because I'm going to annoy hell out of you until it's easier to do them yourself."
  • "I hate it more than you. You don't mind it so much." MEANING: Housework is garbage work. It's the worst crap I've ever done. It's degrading and humiliating for someone of my intelligence to do it. But for someone of your intelligence....

    and finally, my favourite:

  • "I don't mind sharing the housework, but I don't do it very well. We should each do the things we're best at." MEANING: Unfortunately I'm no good at things like washing dishes or cooking. What I do best is a little light carpentry, changing light bulbs, moving furniture (how often do you move furniture?). ALSO MEANING: Historically the lower classes (black men and us) have had hundreds of years experience doing menial jobs. It would be a waste of manpower to train someone else to do them now. ALSO MEANING: I don't like the dull, stupid, boring jobs, so you should do them.

Interestingly, the author also provides some points to consider when your man kicks up a fuss at having to do this shitty job:

  • He is feeling it more than you. He's losing some leisure and you're gaining it. The measure of your oppression is his resistance.
  • A great many American men are not accustomed to doing monotonous, repetitive work which never issues in any lasting, let alone important, achievement... Men have always had servants (us) to take care of this bottom stratum of life while they have confined their efforts to the rarefied upper regions.
  • In a sense, all men everywhere are slightly schizoid-divorced from the reality of maintaining life. This makes it easier for them to play games with it.

Now, this is a lot to lay on a man. And as I already stated, I don't really encounter many of these issues with the loml. We both work full time jobs, we both contribute to our shared way of life.. is it because we are a liberated couple? The sad answer is no. We aren't. The truth is that while the loml is wonderful at pitching in with household duties, I seriously doubt that we actually have an equitable housework arrangement (based on several years experience here, just trust me). The truth is that I just shifted the oppressive tasks to a maid service. So in some sense, I've just outsourced our shitty tasks. And I did it because of all the same reasons that man doesn't want to do the housework. And while I'm paying a fair market rate to my housecleaning crew, is this that much better than how things were 40 years ago?

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