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i heart the weather

I love spring. Especially when its pretending to be summer, which is what we are getting out here right now. The weather is warm and a little humid, my hair is getting big, and life feels good in general. which reminds me, I need to shave the cats. but not all of them, just the turkish angoras. They've been laying around showing their tummies, which I think is their way of saying "its so dang hot that I got to expose my belly.. shave me, please..."

ok, I had to take a small break to make some iced tea... its that kind of day. anyway.. shaving the fuzzies. The only real problem with doing this is that their fur is so fine, that the guards on the electric trimmer doo-hickey don't do it real well and I wind up half-assing the job using the bare razor. The cats actually don't care as long as I keep dumping treats on the counter (see, i knew that psychology degree would come in handy). its too bad I don't have any hairdressing experience because from what I can tell, there's like a million people on youtube with videos of successful cat shaving..

oh well.. guess I'll spend my lazy afternoon watching strange videos.


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