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I'm a fan...

i don't know how many of you saw an article that hit the news earlier this week. It was about how a man working at an Ohio Dairy Farm was arrested for 12 counts of cruelty to animals after an animal rights group released some video footage of some really awful awful physical abuse of calves and cows. I'm not really going into it because it makes me feel sick, but you can find the news item if you just google "ohio dairy farm cruelty".

but that's what I want to talk about, the part where it makes me feel sick. Every posting of this news article that I've seen is always accompanied by a bunch of comments that say something like "this is sick, this is awful, I can't believe anyone would do such a thing.. blah blah blah".

so it would seem that many outspoken people are against the practice of beating up farm animals. and this is where I'm glad that I don't talk to too many people, because if I actually met someone who were to bring this topic up and then say "geez, I hope that man rots in jail cause what he did was awful.." then I would say, "What are you doing about it?"

because these days, telling people that you feel upset about something is about as effective as joining a Facebook group. So let's play a game. Take this dairy cow story for instance. According to the published details, the footage shows at least three or four people taking part. Now, I could be wrong but either Conklin Dairy Farms coincidentally hired three psychopaths OR they don't make a point of respecting their livestock, resulting in an environment where three dumbasses could get away with repeatedly engaging in animal cruelty.

I know some of you don't believe me, but when a company actually believes in a principle, they follow through on it. Look at Zappos.com. They believe in customer service. They screen their customer service reps (and I don't know what else they do) but if you've ever bought anything from them or had to engage their customer service for anything, you would 100% know that they put effort in this kind of thing. So yes, I am saying Conklin Dairy Farms is partly responsible for this.

but back to you, me, and the game. How do you know if you support the sadistic beating of dairy livestock? well, do you drink milk? Yes, OMG - maybe you do!! Do you know where your milk came from? Yes? No.. Maybe SO ?? Does that company respect their livestock? WHO KNOWS!!! Well, you would know if you cared enough to find out.

but let's try another one. How about that lesbian teenager in Mississippi who was told that she couldn't bring her date to the prom? and then when the ACLU stepped in to demand that she be allowed to attend with her date, her school and colluding parents held a secret special separate prom for all the rest of the kids, that she wasn't invited to.

If you read about it and that upset you, what did you do about it? Did you donate money to the ACLU? or a local resource to help gay youth? did you do anything?

My point is put up or shut up (to me at least). Because if you can't be bothered to even try to live your life according to your principles, then maybe you should learn some other phrases. like... "feeding my family cheap steak is more important to me than respecting animal life" or "being able to eat exotic fruit year round is more important to me than making sure I'm not supporting underage slave labor in other countries" or "its easier to be outraged on Facebook about the teen bullying epidemic than it is to actually ask my local school if they have an anti-bullying program"

dang, this game is fun.


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