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my ex.

so its that time of year where the chickens come home to roost, and season finales abound. The one I'm particularly looking forward to is the final episode of 'Lost'.. and maybe not for the reasons that most people are. Because I hate that damn show with all my extra emotional bits that aren't being used for anything decent.

but recently, I had to come to terms with my feelings for 'Lost', especially after reading a commentary on jezebel.com about how 'Lost' can really inspire a maniacal hatred in some segments of the population. and I was like, 'oh, that's me..". And then one comment particularly caught my attention. the gist of the comment was basically asking how people could hate a show so much, when they didn't watch it.. and again, i was like "oh, that's me..." hrmmm.

See, the thing is, I watched the whole first season of "Lost" before I accepted that it was an abusive relationship wherein the writers did not respect me, the viewer. and that was when I decided to end it, and I haven't watched an episode since. You know why? Cause only stupid people hang out with the crazies (when they have a choice). I am not stupid.

And normally, this would have been a perfect, let bygones be bygones, outta sight outta mind kind of deal. but, the damn show would not go away. It kept popping up, on my DVR (the loml watches it), on my favourite news consolidation websites, on commercials...

It was like this whole Justin Bieber thing (who is this guy and why does he keep showing up in my news feeds???), but for SIX YEARS!????!

so, either way, I'm glad to see its almost over. And as soon as we all learn that the island is really the back of a giant magic turtle that supports one of the four corners of the earth, I can finally relax.


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