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two true things

I like to try new things, but usually they are big things. like when I decided to get a motorcycle license.. but in the last week, I've encountered a couple of new things that have really amazed me. So here they are, in no particular order:

1. Honey Nut Cheerios: I don't know why the loml bought these. Usually, we have a lot of honey bunches of oats or whatever that stuff is. and I haven't been much of a cereal person since I OD'd on the cereal bar in college (you try eating lucky charms for two out of three meals every day for a couple of years, and see where that gets you). but this last weekend, all we had where these honey nut cheerios, so i tried them. and DAMN, they were really good. Better than I ever remembered that they might have been. So I told the loml "these cheerios taste way better than I remember." and he tells me "that's because they are honey nut cheerios". I hadn't realized that they now have at least two types, regular (which must be the suck type I recall) and these "new" honey nut ones. wow! So there you have it, good stuff people!

2. Arizona Iced Tea - Southern Style Sweet Tea: Ok, I spent some years in the south. I even spent one summer working as a waitress in a Ryan's steak house, so I do think I know something about sweet tea. In fact, it still mystifies me that people who have no compunction about drinking Coke are willing to live their lives eating in restaurants that don't offer sweet tea as an option. but I digress... Point is that today, I bought an Arizon Iced Tea - Southern style sweet tea today. And you know what? It tasted like ASS! (note* this is purely hypothetical. they day I figure out what ass tastes like, I may write a whole new blog.. maybe next year). In fact, Arizona Iced Tea, which I think is actually based out of New York, doesn't seem to have a clue as to what Sweet Iced tea is supposed to taste like because the stuff I drank to today tastes almost like their "Green tea"... Which now makes me realize that I should've known, because their Green tea also tastes absolutely nothing like green tea. hrm..

So there you have it folks. Honey Nut Cheerios = Good; Arizona Iced Tea - Sweet Tea = absolutely awful.


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