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why can't you seee-eeee-eeee

I was listening to the top 20 on my radio today and that song came on by Taylor Swift. Its the one where she sings about being in love with her male best friend who is dating some awful girl who treats him badly. You might know it by the catchy chorus of something like:
Why can't you see..ee..eee.ee
You belong with me..eee...eeee

So I dunno why this song is still on the top twenty but every time I hear it, I just get pissed off and pretty much for the same reason that I get mad when I head "If I was a Boy" by Beyonce.

its the lyrics. Now I don't know about Beyonce, but I believe Taylor Swift writes her own stuff (which I admire in an artist. I actually think it should be a requirement but whatever). Anyway, Taylor Swift says she likes her songs to be personal so that her fans can relate. I think that is awesome. but what I do not think is awesome is that group of middle-aged women who feel that Taylor Swift's music somehow represents them.

Seriously ladies, if you ever find yourself listening to one of her songs and thinking "oh yeah.. this is just how my life is right now." then you have a problem. Let's take "You belong with me" for example. I find this whole thing is neatly summed up with one set of lyrics (see below):
'Cause she wears high heels, I wear sneakers
She's cheer captain and I'm on the bleachers
Dreamin' bout the day when you wake up and find
That what you're lookin' for has been here the whole time

So Taylor Swift was born in December '89. In addition to being a Sagittarius, that also makes her about 19.. so I understand that she might be a little confused about why this guy isn't going for her. but I'll spell it out just in case I accidentally tricked some middle-aged lady fan of Ms. Swift's into reading this post.

He just isn't that into you. or in a vernacular that may be more appropriate for an older generation: Ring Ring, its the clue phone! That man you are pining for prefers women who know who they are and what they want. And that sadly, is not you.

So if you find that this song is representing your current life.. then catch a hint (and some self-respect). and lay-off the female on female hate. You aren't going to get any respect for your choices by disrespecting other people's choices (cheerleaders, high heels, or anything else).

Thank you.. that is all.


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