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little woman, biiiiig truck!

ok - so I bought an SUV (a small one, but that's kind of splitting hairs at this point).

Anyway, its been a strange road of car ownership that started with an old faithful mitsubishi galant, then a VW GTI that was riddled with service issues, to a honda civic hybrid that I named 'mystic shadow', and now finally a Rav4.

I've initially dubbed it 'blue bunny' but the loml says that is too girly or something.. we'll see. but whatever it gets named, I love that thing already.

however, I suspect other people may not love it so much.. mainly the other drivers behind me. The thing is, I'm so used to driving my hybrid with an eye on increasing the mileage, that I still drive that way in the SUV. Which is ridiculous. I'll be lucky to hit 22 on that thing in the city. but still, I keep driving the speed limit on small roads (mainly because I'm afraid I'll sideswipe something, like a deer or mailbox), and perform slow acceleration and decelerations while on the main roads. again, with the crazy. I have a V6.

but its only been a couple of days, maybe I'll become one of those crazy SUV drivers with an overblown sense of entitlement. In the meantime, I just keep singing "little woman, big truck!" to myself.


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