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xm followup

This is kind of a funny thing. After all my chit chatting with XM customer service, a mysterious charge showed up on the credit card bill after all. Awww.. turns out that my off-shore customer service rep "Fred" somehow managed to screw up my transaction after all.

But all was not lost. I called XM again to get them to remove the erroneous charge and was connected with 'Jonathan'. Unlike my previous three customer service reps, Jonathan sounded like that might actually be his real name (if not, I salute you Jonathan and your excellent cultural training). Jonathan was actually able to fix my problem AND he also was able to hook me up with an additional line of service at a great price. He was amazed that I actually wanted to give them money, and I was amazed that I could find an XM representative who actually wanted to take my money.


anywho, Jonathan was happy to sell me some service and even gave me some great tips on where to get my spare XM radio installed ("I hear alot of people go to Best Buy").

wow. Bravo Jonathan, bravo! I have to say that whole experience made me realize that we, as a consumer public, really need to start appreciating good customer service, even if the products wind up costing a little more. Because in the case of XM radio, it took me four phone calls to actually purchase an extra line of service.

Crazy eh?


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