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July 5, 2010

The verdict is in

Ok. So I've had my rav4, the blue bunny, for a few weeks now and I feel able to render a judgment. Several judgments, actually. Lucky you. First of all, everyone was right. The v6 is totally worth getting. No one wants a rav4 with just four cylinders, don't even bother.

Secondly, the Toyota nav system completely blows. It blows so much that I would seriously recommend that people buy a Honda CRV if they even remotely care about this kind of thing. Even though the CRV only comes in four cylinders.

The Toyota nav disables features when the vehicle is in motion, regardless of whether there is a passenger in the front seat. There is no way to disengage this 'safety feature' which results in a practically worthless nav system while the vehicle is in motion. And I know that taking your eyes off the road while driving is dangerous but you think they would at least free it up when you have a passenger. That's how the front air bag works, right? Also, the address book seems to label every entry on the display which really clutters up the view. There are several really unintuitive ways this thing works, which I'm not going to get into. And its not just the nav features... the xm radio interface also has some problems. For one thing, it doesn't provide the option to keep a song title listed; you have to push a button to have that display and then it goes away after a set amount of seconds. Seriously?

So I really like driving the RAV4 and I really like all the 'physical' features, like the sun roof and all that but their user interface on the Nav//Radio is insanely bad. So really take a look at the Honda if you are looking between the two.

July 15, 2010

Don't call me squishy (day 1)

Hey, I'm back! I know I didn't actually 'go' anywhere but I admit I was spending more time on the baby blog (see link on the right-side menu) than I was here. I've just discontinued the baby blog, so be warned. The whining and puling starts here, now!

So the post-baby reality is that, while I still fit into almost all of my old clothes, I don't actually fit the same into them. Mainly in the stomach part. Evidently my abs, which weren't that fantastic to start with, really took a hit. So today, I'm starting a 30 day workout plan. Mainly because I have to go back to work, which means that if I don't fit into my old clothes right, I'll have to get new ones. And i'll be damned if I buy new clothes that fit a paunch.

So I googled around the internets a bit and discovered quite a few 30 day workout plans, including Jillian Michael's 30 day shred.. but really, I'm a simple person... well not really but for the sake of this, let's pretend.. point is, I really just need to get off my ass. So if I can actually just move for 20 minutes a day, that will be success.

So I'm going to attempt a basic program as outlined here on About.com. So I have to start with some measurements:

weight: 137.6
body fat: unknown as I can't get my friggin scale to reset for my stats.
resting heart rate: 72
waist: 31
hips: 38.5
thigh: 35.5
chest: 37.5

ooooh - my waistline! the friggin' tragedy of it all! If I have a goal, this my friend, is it.

ok - 20 minutes of cardio is my goal of the day.

July 16, 2010

how come no one tells me these things? - day 2

So day 1 of my 'get into shape' program worked out well. My 20 minute cardio jog turned out to be a 22 minute cardio walk/jog as it seems that just walking uphill is enough to cause a spike in my heartrate these days. But I still felt really good when I was done. So good that I even dressed in a nice fitted tee (white, even!) and a pair of tan capris for the day. Even though you could kind of see my pooch, I still thought I looked pretty good... little did I know.

You see, the loml and I met a friend at the mall for lunch. While we were waiting for our table, I saw that Ann Taylor was having a sale. So I hauled over there, checked out the stuff, and contemplated the kind of awesome stuff I could buy once my abs came back. "but I still look good now!", I thought as I evaluated myself in the store mirror. A little lush maybe, but who doesn't like that kind of thing? Well, I soon paid for my 30 second trip into vanity when I turned around to check out the back of my outfit in the mirror.

"WTF?!!" was about the only thing that crossed my mind, because my ass looked huge! and as I took another look, I realized that it was the capris I was wearing. My maternity capris. Which I love because they are super comfortable, but I had never realized were also insanely baggy in the rear. My ass looked like a collapsed paper bag! So I immediately left the store to ask the loml why he never told me that my ass looked so bad in these pants.

Ok - so reality check time. I may still be a little on-tilt with the hormones and fatigue and stuff. Because I can think of no reality that actually has the loml style checking my clothes. but the point of the story is that I really need to stick with the work out so I can stop wearing maternity clothes.

So today is basic strength training day. I'm going to attempt 15 reps of each:
squats, pushups, lunges, rows, presses, bicep curls, tricep crunches... damn this is starting to sound like a lot.

oh well.. we'll see how it goes.

July 17, 2010

happy saturday (day 3a)

yesterday went great. I managed to do all my basic strength training exercises, though the whole business did put me down for a 2 hour nap in the afternoon. Today was supposed to be another 20 minute cardio walk/run day, but I just didn't make it.

Instead, I spent the day with the kid. It was sweet. I'll pick up the cardio tomorrow.

July 20, 2010

screw the work out.

ok not really. I actually did make it to day three of the planned workout which was another cardio walk/jog and it went pretty well. but then I don't remember what happened the day after that. I was really tired and got really busy and forgot to put working out on my to-do list. Thusly, it did not get to-done.. ha. haha. anyway.

So the other night, my sister graciously babysat for us and the loml and I went to a soccer game. The stadium was oddly full and it turns out that Landon Donovan was in the house. Unfortunately for us, he was on the opposite team but hey, he's still probably the best-est american soccer player at the moment so it was still kind of cool.

What was not cool was my distinctly non-buddha attitude. I had spent so long confined in my own home and staring at my pooch that I completely forgot what other people looked like. So during the 90 minutes of the game, I'm pretty sure I spent at least 30 minutes eyeballing the crowd.

wow - I forgot what generally out of shape slobs we americans tend to be. And I instantly felt better about my gut. Though the loml reminds me that I should still try to get into shape. and he's right. i should. because if I can't get my abs toned down in the next few weeks, I'm going to have to buy all new pants.

oh. the horror. new clothes.

ha. ha ha ha. hahahahaha.

July 24, 2010

it's a barbie world!

So i just ran across something interesting today. Evidently Mattel has been expanding its Barbie universe to include more current representations of women.. and by that I mean you can now buy, for just $12.99, Computer Engineer Barbie!

So I find this kind of neat. I have a B.S. in computer engineering, from a reputable institution no less. I even have a technical-ish career based around computers, if you can imagine. So cool, what does one get with CE Barbie? hrmmm, a binary themed tee, a cell phone, laptop with matrix-like display, ugly yet trendy geeky glasses.. really awful looking shoes.. wow, being a computer engineer sure is neat!

What else can Barbie be? well in this particular line from Mattel, named Barbie ' I Can Be', Barbie can be all kinds of things. like a doctor, a pre-school teacher, a vet, a sea world animal trainer, race car driver, rock star, ballerina, news anchor, and a bride. WTF?! a Bride!? What game are we playing now? "One of these things is not like the others"?

poor Mattel. it must be really hard to make childrens' toys without drawing criticism. I'm sure Barbie "I can be a bride" must be one of the best sellers in that line. After all, what kid would want to be a computer engineer when they could be a bride instead?


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