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Don't call me squishy (day 1)

Hey, I'm back! I know I didn't actually 'go' anywhere but I admit I was spending more time on the baby blog (see link on the right-side menu) than I was here. I've just discontinued the baby blog, so be warned. The whining and puling starts here, now!

So the post-baby reality is that, while I still fit into almost all of my old clothes, I don't actually fit the same into them. Mainly in the stomach part. Evidently my abs, which weren't that fantastic to start with, really took a hit. So today, I'm starting a 30 day workout plan. Mainly because I have to go back to work, which means that if I don't fit into my old clothes right, I'll have to get new ones. And i'll be damned if I buy new clothes that fit a paunch.

So I googled around the internets a bit and discovered quite a few 30 day workout plans, including Jillian Michael's 30 day shred.. but really, I'm a simple person... well not really but for the sake of this, let's pretend.. point is, I really just need to get off my ass. So if I can actually just move for 20 minutes a day, that will be success.

So I'm going to attempt a basic program as outlined here on About.com. So I have to start with some measurements:

weight: 137.6
body fat: unknown as I can't get my friggin scale to reset for my stats.
resting heart rate: 72
waist: 31
hips: 38.5
thigh: 35.5
chest: 37.5

ooooh - my waistline! the friggin' tragedy of it all! If I have a goal, this my friend, is it.

ok - 20 minutes of cardio is my goal of the day.


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