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how come no one tells me these things? - day 2

So day 1 of my 'get into shape' program worked out well. My 20 minute cardio jog turned out to be a 22 minute cardio walk/jog as it seems that just walking uphill is enough to cause a spike in my heartrate these days. But I still felt really good when I was done. So good that I even dressed in a nice fitted tee (white, even!) and a pair of tan capris for the day. Even though you could kind of see my pooch, I still thought I looked pretty good... little did I know.

You see, the loml and I met a friend at the mall for lunch. While we were waiting for our table, I saw that Ann Taylor was having a sale. So I hauled over there, checked out the stuff, and contemplated the kind of awesome stuff I could buy once my abs came back. "but I still look good now!", I thought as I evaluated myself in the store mirror. A little lush maybe, but who doesn't like that kind of thing? Well, I soon paid for my 30 second trip into vanity when I turned around to check out the back of my outfit in the mirror.

"WTF?!!" was about the only thing that crossed my mind, because my ass looked huge! and as I took another look, I realized that it was the capris I was wearing. My maternity capris. Which I love because they are super comfortable, but I had never realized were also insanely baggy in the rear. My ass looked like a collapsed paper bag! So I immediately left the store to ask the loml why he never told me that my ass looked so bad in these pants.

Ok - so reality check time. I may still be a little on-tilt with the hormones and fatigue and stuff. Because I can think of no reality that actually has the loml style checking my clothes. but the point of the story is that I really need to stick with the work out so I can stop wearing maternity clothes.

So today is basic strength training day. I'm going to attempt 15 reps of each:
squats, pushups, lunges, rows, presses, bicep curls, tricep crunches... damn this is starting to sound like a lot.

oh well.. we'll see how it goes.


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