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it's a barbie world!

So i just ran across something interesting today. Evidently Mattel has been expanding its Barbie universe to include more current representations of women.. and by that I mean you can now buy, for just $12.99, Computer Engineer Barbie!

So I find this kind of neat. I have a B.S. in computer engineering, from a reputable institution no less. I even have a technical-ish career based around computers, if you can imagine. So cool, what does one get with CE Barbie? hrmmm, a binary themed tee, a cell phone, laptop with matrix-like display, ugly yet trendy geeky glasses.. really awful looking shoes.. wow, being a computer engineer sure is neat!

What else can Barbie be? well in this particular line from Mattel, named Barbie ' I Can Be', Barbie can be all kinds of things. like a doctor, a pre-school teacher, a vet, a sea world animal trainer, race car driver, rock star, ballerina, news anchor, and a bride. WTF?! a Bride!? What game are we playing now? "One of these things is not like the others"?

poor Mattel. it must be really hard to make childrens' toys without drawing criticism. I'm sure Barbie "I can be a bride" must be one of the best sellers in that line. After all, what kid would want to be a computer engineer when they could be a bride instead?



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