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screw the work out.

ok not really. I actually did make it to day three of the planned workout which was another cardio walk/jog and it went pretty well. but then I don't remember what happened the day after that. I was really tired and got really busy and forgot to put working out on my to-do list. Thusly, it did not get to-done.. ha. haha. anyway.

So the other night, my sister graciously babysat for us and the loml and I went to a soccer game. The stadium was oddly full and it turns out that Landon Donovan was in the house. Unfortunately for us, he was on the opposite team but hey, he's still probably the best-est american soccer player at the moment so it was still kind of cool.

What was not cool was my distinctly non-buddha attitude. I had spent so long confined in my own home and staring at my pooch that I completely forgot what other people looked like. So during the 90 minutes of the game, I'm pretty sure I spent at least 30 minutes eyeballing the crowd.

wow - I forgot what generally out of shape slobs we americans tend to be. And I instantly felt better about my gut. Though the loml reminds me that I should still try to get into shape. and he's right. i should. because if I can't get my abs toned down in the next few weeks, I'm going to have to buy all new pants.

oh. the horror. new clothes.

ha. ha ha ha. hahahahaha.


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