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The verdict is in

Ok. So I've had my rav4, the blue bunny, for a few weeks now and I feel able to render a judgment. Several judgments, actually. Lucky you. First of all, everyone was right. The v6 is totally worth getting. No one wants a rav4 with just four cylinders, don't even bother.

Secondly, the Toyota nav system completely blows. It blows so much that I would seriously recommend that people buy a Honda CRV if they even remotely care about this kind of thing. Even though the CRV only comes in four cylinders.

The Toyota nav disables features when the vehicle is in motion, regardless of whether there is a passenger in the front seat. There is no way to disengage this 'safety feature' which results in a practically worthless nav system while the vehicle is in motion. And I know that taking your eyes off the road while driving is dangerous but you think they would at least free it up when you have a passenger. That's how the front air bag works, right? Also, the address book seems to label every entry on the display which really clutters up the view. There are several really unintuitive ways this thing works, which I'm not going to get into. And its not just the nav features... the xm radio interface also has some problems. For one thing, it doesn't provide the option to keep a song title listed; you have to push a button to have that display and then it goes away after a set amount of seconds. Seriously?

So I really like driving the RAV4 and I really like all the 'physical' features, like the sun roof and all that but their user interface on the Nav//Radio is insanely bad. So really take a look at the Honda if you are looking between the two.


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