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i heart the internet

Today i was browsing the internet in search of local specialty lingerie stores (no, not a tupperware store but an honest lingerie store where i can spend too much money on a european style bra.. but anyway)

so i was checking out the store webpages when i came across the e-cigarette. now, i'm not sure why a lingerie store would sell this kind of thing but I'm guessing this is not the store i am looking for.. maybe. but the e-cigarette is kind of interesting. Its basically a water vaporizer that you can insert a nicotine cartridge into, and it looks just like an old school cigarette. According to their marketing, this product allows the "modern smoker" the following benefits:
- no harsh smoke!
- no second hand irritants! ( i can't figure if they're talking about chemical addititives or other people)
- its legal to use in 'no smoking' areas!
- its cheaper in the long run!

well gee. I just don't see what's stopping me. Just think, we could all go back to the 'good old days' when smoking was cool. and its sorta sci-fi future-istic at the same time. plus, as if that isn't inducement enough, you can also use flavoured e-liquid! It come in varieties like menthol, tobacco, vanilla, strawberry, apple... is this getting weird or is that just me? I can't figure if its more disgusting to be inhaling tobacco flavoured nicotine enhanced water vapor or to be starting a starbucks approach to ingesting an addictive substance.

the future is weird.


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