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so i do feel slightly obligated to do a nicer, more gentle blog entry given how awful the subject matter was of my last one... so here it is, presenting the cutest problem in my life currently:

It took me a long time to get educated on decent style and sartorial trends. but after some serious investment in watching fashion tv and reading several books, I did finally figure out what was up. So its been kind of surprise to find myself having problems again, but this time with the baby clothes.

At first, I thought baby fashion was pretty damn easy. I mean, most baby clothes are onesies. How hard is it to screw up a onesie? Practically impossible. And besides, babies are cute. Their clothes are cute! And its true, as long as you stick to onesies, its practically impossible to screw up (though I have seen some really stupid looking onesies).

Unfortunately, I lost out when it came to putting pants on the baby. I got a huge amount of baby clothes as gifts (thanks all!) and one of the things I got was some 2 piece outfits. But by the time I got around to them, some of the pants were too small. So now, I only have three pairs of pants, which I insist on putting on the baby because her legs get cold. But the pants that fit are lime green with purple ladybugs, pink with small pink flowers, and brown..with large pink flowers. oy.. its not like I have a huge amount of white onesie tops that go with this.. because in my infinite wisdom, I didn't stock them.. because they were boring.

So now, you see the dilemma. I've got to match crazy pants with crazy tops and I find myself going "well.. pink matches with pink? Right?" and winding up with a baby that looks like she fell into the "Candyland" game and came out covered in stuff.

No one makes black baby clothes, it seems. What up with that?


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