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wax on, wax ...

just the other day, as i was feeding the baby, i was thinking about origami. i like to make the little paper cranes and when i'm feeling a little off at work, that's what i'll do. so if you look at my desk (through all my jobs where i've had one), you'll find paper cranes. some are made out of the pretty origami papers, but more of them are made from pretty work presentations. i'm particularly fond of using training certs, myself.

one thing that i've learned from this, is how to calm the f*** down at work. because you cannot fold paper smoothly when you are angry.. trust me on this one. only ugly cranes come out of these situations.

which is sorta like handling a baby! (suddenly thinks I). And just when was pondering the amazingness of my zen revelation, my happy baby started to throw up on me. So I picked her up, at which point, it became projectile vomit.. still on me. and as time slowed down so that I could fully appreciate the moment, I had a new revelation. Mainly concerning how much I had just fed the baby. and that maybe giving little babies the option of having as much morning boobing as they want was a bad idea.


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