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first of all, a small disclaimer. I didn't get any sleep last night because the small evil one (also known as the baby) appears to be going through a growth spurt. That being said, today I do not care who I offend with this post. SO if I manage to offend you, GOOD!

first, the lesser of the two.. A few nights ago, my sister and I were surfing the NetFlix insta-viewing looking for a movie. We made a couple of really bad choices.. So bad that (I'm not sure I can talk about it but the names of the movies were an anime named 'Queen's Blade' and a trashy cyber-punk movie named 'Cyber Wars'. I hesitate to name them because I don't want anyone to waste anytime with these. Really a huge waste of time). Finally we settled on Fired Up. You may recall this flop as an Apatow-wannabe movie about two football players who decide to go to cheerleading camp so they can have sex with all the women.

I know. Its an impressive plot line. In fact, the first 30 minutes of this movie are pretty awful. Awful enough that I might have walked out of the theatre had I actually paid for a ticket. But I'm a bit of sucker and I held out. Mainly because every 5 or 10 minutes, something really funny would be said.. And in the end, I have to say, this movie was waaay better than I thought it would be. So if you are a sucker for lackluster movies that turn out to have happy endings, this one is for you. And I must say, there are some real moments of comedic amazing in here.

Now on to the second part. I staggered out of bed this morning to attend a meeting. I was (and still am) pretty wasted from the lack of sleep and child care activities that I had to perform last night. So i chug down a probiotic yogurt drink and a protein shake during my conference call. Yay breakfast, which only amounted to 300 calories. Then, because I know I have to keep eating (as a breastfeeding mommy) I heated up a freezer box of green giant veg. Basically a steam bag of barley, carrots, and green beans in an herbed olive oil sauce.

I felt pretty good until I read the caloric info and its only 130 calories. WHAT THE FUCK!?!?!? (that's how upset I am, I'm cursing). I am busy! Why the hell can't I eat something that's healthy and contains enough calories to support my lifestyle needs?!!! And I don't want to spend time stuffing my gullet to accomplish this either. I have better things to do.

and don't tell me to eat some meat either. The next time I want to stuff some tortured chemically treated food stuffs down my throat, I'll hit up the discount ice cream section.

so ok, i know this is really my fault. I haven't invested enough time stocking my fridge with food that inspires me and is nutritious. unlike the chocolate cookies that I've been sneaking to supplement my diet (they're inspiring is what I'm saying). Really I should just quit my job and start a new diet website. I'll call it "Every day dieting" and people can join for a monthly subscription fee. All I'll have to do is e-mail out itemized copies of my grocery bills and list what I actually consume every day. and BINGO - instant product and instant weight loss for at least 50% of america, because I know I'm consuming less calories than the average bear.

so excuse me, I got to go find something else to eat now before I keel over.


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