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rock star life

i was telling the loml today that I wanted to write a self-help book. I said to him "and I'm going to call it 'Living the Rock Star Life'". (though in retrospect, I would actually call it 'How to Live the Rock Star Life'.. or something like that.. but anyway, back to the story). And the loml just shoots me this look and says "When was the last time you did anything rock star?".

Which confuses me. Like, seriously, I think my life is friggin' fantastic. Alot like this xkcd cartoon actually. So I'm like "What are you talking about?" At which point the loml asks me when the last time I actually went out, to a club or anything. And I get it, I get why we are having a disconnect. So I try to explain to him that I don't mean rock star literally. Not like I'm in a band and I sleep with groupies and snort coke or whatever it is that rock stars do these days. I mean more like, when I want to do something I try to do it. Soon, if not immediately; I don't want to leave behind a trail of unrealized half-dreams and hopes in some miserable parody of living.. You know?

but I try to explain this, badly. "I meant the part where I go shopping during my work lunch break." And the loml practically snorts and tells me that my book title should really be called "How to slack better and not do any work". But I tell him no one will buy a book with that title because its lame. He says that if I use my original title, it'll just take two people to read it and get angry because its not what they thought it was about. and then they'll tell everyone else and no one will buy my book.



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