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the little thing, the little things...

first of all, I must tell you that 'hot tub time machine' was freakin awesome. Not as awesome as 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall', which I really think was an amazing movie that everyone ought to see..
but back to the point, Hot Tub Time Machine is a must watch for anyone familiar with the 80's. and john cusack was super awesome. have i used the word 'awesome' enough yet? no? awesome awesome awesome.

also, for anyone with netflix, if you want to see some weird shit on the instant queue, i recommend:
"Never Back Down" - A movie that tried to cash in on the popularity of MMA but failed to use any MMA talent. Props for realistic teen dialogue (aka bad writing) and ripping off the plot line of blood fist.

Death Trance - a japanese take on making a music video/anime style live action movie with characters that look straight out of 'Samurai Champloo'.

and finally. people if you want to lose weight, you have to burn more calories than you consume. That's called math and it actually works.


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