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i'm only happy when it rains

I think we should all ride motorcycles.

Today, I was driving home from work. in my blue SUV. I stopped at a red light. I looked out the window. And what I saw was a bunch of other people, most of us in SUV's and cars, doing stuff. Talking on phones, singing along with the radio, just sitting there in our happy little shells, completely ignoring what was going on around us.

this could be a metaphor for our lives. We build our shells, our routines, and our news filters and maybe we don't pay so much attention to what's going on around us.

This is sad.

Which is why I think we should all ride motorcycles. Because they're dangerous, and you might die. So you have to pay attention. Which is probably why they're so much fun. Because when you ride a motorcycle, you are alive. And its not because they're cool machines, but because in those moments, you are more conscious of your existence than you will be at any other time of the day.

wake up, people.


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