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November 5, 2010

women of color

I don't like it when people oversimplify grand issues and start talking crazy. Like when people say that they support family values and then think its ok for women to pump breastmilk in a bathroom stall because they don't want to inconvenience small business owners by requiring them to provide sanitary facilities.

ok, I may have another problem that's creeping into my point here. but here is what I really want to say.

Does anyone else find it odd that "Women of Color" refers to African, Alaska Native, American Indian, Asian, Hispanic, Latina and Pacific Island heritages?

It really does, just try googling it and looking at the women of color organizations that exist. I imagine that it used to refer to women of african american heritage, but then they had to extend the definition to reflect our increasingly multi-cultural society.

but seriously.. why don't they just call it "women who aren't ethnically white"?

ok, that's obviously not my real question. My real question is why won't they help all women, regardless of skin tone? Last I checked, life can really suck for anybody.

November 7, 2010


sometime in the wee hours of the morning, the loml, mini-loml, and I, all wound up in the same bed. And really, it was for the same thing, sleep. Unfortunately, as many parents know, what is sleep for the baby is not necessarily sleep for anyone else. So as the mini-loml dozed off, I snuck a quick peak at my watch. And realized that it was yet again, that most infamous of days (at least, until the next one), daylight-savings-ends-spring-ahead-fall-back-screw-up-your-schedule-because-we-are-too-ineffective-to-repeal-an-outdated-convention-i-am-so-glad-I-don't-perform-operational-support-anymore Day.

Anyways, I snuck a peak at my watch, and then realized it probably had the wrong time (6:29am). So I took a peak at my iPhone, which showed 5:29am. This made sense to me. So I whispered to the loml, "hey, its daylight savings. We have to let the boober sleep as long as she can (before her usual 7am feeding)".

This is my sneaky plan to get the baby onto the new time change. In fact, its also the same plan I use on myself. So then the loml says "what time is it?". So I tell him its 5:30am. Then he checks his phone and says "no, its 6:30". and we rapidly degenerate into a whispered debate about which one of our phones has failed to update correctly. Finally, he suggests that we check a laptop, but out of the five we have loitering around the house, none are by my side of the bed.

So I invoke God! No, wait, I don't. Instead I say, "I'll Google it".

and sure enough, Google tells me that its 5:30am where I am at, in addition to telling me what time it is in the other time zones. So there it is... and we all go to sleep. Secure in the knowledge that Google is out there, maintaining the right.

November 8, 2010

dragonball: evolution


That was 90 minutes of my life that I'm never getting back. EVER..

I feel as hysterically bad as I recall feeling when I watched "Spice World" (which appears to have gotten similarly bad ratings).

I know i like bad movies. I know that movie adaptations rarely live up to the promise of the original. I had lowered my expectations.

And I have to admit, I thought I was enjoying "Dragonball: Evolution" because I kept laughing occasionally through out the movie. but only at the end, when i realized that the people who made this movie were actually going to deprive me of one of the most amazingly ridiculous aspects of the series, did I realize that my laughter came from the same place as when I laughed during "Twilight".

but let me be clear.

Twilight is a bad movie. and any of you twits who believe its the romance of the new generation are seriously deluded. but back to dragonball..

As near as I can tell, if you smushed down every episode of Dragonball (and Z and GT) and baked it into a pie chart (which I will tell you are the most worthless way to present graphical information unless you are trying to show a pac-man).. and then you cut a slice of that pie for someone, what you would get is a solid serving of ridiculous fight scene punching - chi balling - screams of fury - blowing up earth - what not and leaving body size imprints in the ground.

You can summarize that whole series with " yaaaaaaaaaarghhhhh -> ka-bloom!" which is why I had insanely low expectations about a live action movie. (though I did appreciate Chow Yun Fat). and I thought the movie was consistently meeting my low expectations until the final showdown.

How could that movie end without a ridiculously stupid extended fight scene that epitomizes near every episode of Dragonball Z that I've ever seen?!?!?!?

sigh. bad movie. please excuse me while I visit the bathroom now. I need to purge.

November 12, 2010

a tale of woe or woah or something

so I came home today and was greeted by a happy baby. Which, my sister assures me, is not how the baby actually spent the day and I was just getting lucky. But anyway, the best thing to do with a happy baby is to haul them around the house with you because they're so much fun. Plus, it gives my sister a break.

So I hauled the baby off and decided to take little thing into the bathroom, as I needed to neti pot. I set her on the counter, keeping one hand around her 'cause I'm not completely indifferent to the dangers of leaving an infant on a high counter, and fiddled out the neti pot with my other hand. While I was doing that, the baby grabbed a bottle of listerine. I let her do it because she's been fascinated with the bottle for awhile. As she does this, I have this vague recollection about how listerine is dangerous for kids.

***note: no infants were harmed in the course of this story. Do not worry ***

anyway, she grabs the bottle and is happily fiddling away, while I got an arm around her. Since everything seems ok, I start neti potting. Now if you are familiar with neti-potting, you can understand that I had to turn my head to the side. If you aren't familiar with neti-potting, you can go here, but you must understand that at this time, my head is turned away from the baby and I can't see what she's doing.

So neti-potting along, all of a sudden I smell *something* and sure enough, little thing has managed to flip the listerine over, get the cap off the bottle, and its currently spilling all over the counter.

I curse, and haul the baby off the counter. She kind of cries a little, more from my sudden actions and settles. There is listerine all over the counter and its starting to get on the floor.. but I'm trying to think about the baby. So I haul her to the changing table and take off her fuzzy pink and brown leopard pajamas. They're wet. Her legs feel wet too. so I lick the baby. (now realizing in hindsight that licking the baby because she is wet is probably a bad idea and I should never do it again).

but no, its listerine on the baby. so I wipe that off, and now its bathtime for advanced little babies, as soon as the rest of the listerine smell clears from the bathroom.

November 14, 2010


well, it was a just like bastille day this afternoon at Meowderly. but let me explain.

I was sitting with the loml, eating lunch, when he asked me if I was going to work on my worm box. I've had my worm box for several years now; vermicomposting has been pretty rewarding. At a minimum, I've gotten several blog entries out of it not to mention a lot of great compost. but lately, its been a bit of a pain to mindfully save the food scraps and other organic waste and remember to put it in the worm bin. Plus the temperature has been dropping and its time to move the box back indoors so the worms don't freeze.

Actually, complaining about all that is kind of pathetic. Really, worms are probably the most low maintenance "pets" you will ever have. All they need is to be fed every few weeks, and to get their filler changed out every few months. I won't lie and say changing filler is the greatest thing in the world (especially if you have to hand separate out the worms from the compost) but with my current Gusanito 5 tier worm composter, that kind of thing is really very easy.

Really, I guess I'm too tired to really care about composting right now. So I made a decision and told the loml, "I'm done with the worm bin. I'm going to set them free in my garden plot." and he was pretty ok with it, especially since he's never really been a fan of keeping a box of worms and decomposing food in the house.

I also told my sister. And she said "Its winter. They'll freeze!" (note* we are from Louisiana. 40 degrees is winter to us). And I said, "How do you think worms survive in the *wild*? They'll be fine." Which is funny to think about because these worms have never been outside. I don't know what the lifespan of your average red wiggler is, but I started my box years ago with a batch of worms I ordered from the internet. These worms spent the rest of their lives in my compost box, eating my trash (technically this is incorrect, worms don't actually eat leftover food. They consume the bacteria that perform the decomposition process but anyway...), making baby worms and then dying, only to be consumed by their progeny in the magical circle of life.

Yes, I was God to these worms and they didn't even know it. And now, I had decided to set them free in my garden. Weird, eh?

So I did it, I deposited these great-great-great grandchildren of my original worms right into my garden box. By now I'm sure they've managed to burrow into the dirt where they'll continue on with their small wormy lives and hopefully enrich my soil for next years garden crop.

The End.

November 25, 2010

happy thanksgiving

Happy thanksgiving everyone. I thought I'd get a quick entry in, that may or may not have anything to do with being thankful. (actually, its just a few thoughts I've had that I'd like to post).

1. I am thankful for my baby for she has introduced me to the "pizza sandwich". Ok, so that may sound a little awful. Let's just assume that I'm a normal person who thinks my kid is awesome. I am also a person who like everyone to know that last week, I had so much time to fix myself dinner that I wound up taking two slices of cold pizza from the fridge, faced them topping side to topping side, and ate the whole thing while driving. dee-lish!

2. Skinny jeans - ahahahahahaha. I am thankful for skinny jeans because they make me laugh. Its definitely a fashion statement that people don't get. But I am happy to explain. Skinny jeans have the magical power to make even skinny people look bad. You know why? If you don't, I can't help you. sorry. but its true. Stick with a straight leg folks, cause that skinny jean is just this years reincarnation of the tapered pant (which helps no one).

3. oh wow, my memory is getting awful. I can't remember what I wanted to write here, so I'll stick with the basics. I am thankful to the loml and convection oven.. because I love them.

happy short week everyone!

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