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dragonball: evolution


That was 90 minutes of my life that I'm never getting back. EVER..

I feel as hysterically bad as I recall feeling when I watched "Spice World" (which appears to have gotten similarly bad ratings).

I know i like bad movies. I know that movie adaptations rarely live up to the promise of the original. I had lowered my expectations.

And I have to admit, I thought I was enjoying "Dragonball: Evolution" because I kept laughing occasionally through out the movie. but only at the end, when i realized that the people who made this movie were actually going to deprive me of one of the most amazingly ridiculous aspects of the series, did I realize that my laughter came from the same place as when I laughed during "Twilight".

but let me be clear.

Twilight is a bad movie. and any of you twits who believe its the romance of the new generation are seriously deluded. but back to dragonball..

As near as I can tell, if you smushed down every episode of Dragonball (and Z and GT) and baked it into a pie chart (which I will tell you are the most worthless way to present graphical information unless you are trying to show a pac-man).. and then you cut a slice of that pie for someone, what you would get is a solid serving of ridiculous fight scene punching - chi balling - screams of fury - blowing up earth - what not and leaving body size imprints in the ground.

You can summarize that whole series with " yaaaaaaaaaarghhhhh -> ka-bloom!" which is why I had insanely low expectations about a live action movie. (though I did appreciate Chow Yun Fat). and I thought the movie was consistently meeting my low expectations until the final showdown.

How could that movie end without a ridiculously stupid extended fight scene that epitomizes near every episode of Dragonball Z that I've ever seen?!?!?!?

sigh. bad movie. please excuse me while I visit the bathroom now. I need to purge.


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