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happy thanksgiving

Happy thanksgiving everyone. I thought I'd get a quick entry in, that may or may not have anything to do with being thankful. (actually, its just a few thoughts I've had that I'd like to post).

1. I am thankful for my baby for she has introduced me to the "pizza sandwich". Ok, so that may sound a little awful. Let's just assume that I'm a normal person who thinks my kid is awesome. I am also a person who like everyone to know that last week, I had so much time to fix myself dinner that I wound up taking two slices of cold pizza from the fridge, faced them topping side to topping side, and ate the whole thing while driving. dee-lish!

2. Skinny jeans - ahahahahahaha. I am thankful for skinny jeans because they make me laugh. Its definitely a fashion statement that people don't get. But I am happy to explain. Skinny jeans have the magical power to make even skinny people look bad. You know why? If you don't, I can't help you. sorry. but its true. Stick with a straight leg folks, cause that skinny jean is just this years reincarnation of the tapered pant (which helps no one).

3. oh wow, my memory is getting awful. I can't remember what I wanted to write here, so I'll stick with the basics. I am thankful to the loml and convection oven.. because I love them.

happy short week everyone!


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