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sometime in the wee hours of the morning, the loml, mini-loml, and I, all wound up in the same bed. And really, it was for the same thing, sleep. Unfortunately, as many parents know, what is sleep for the baby is not necessarily sleep for anyone else. So as the mini-loml dozed off, I snuck a quick peak at my watch. And realized that it was yet again, that most infamous of days (at least, until the next one), daylight-savings-ends-spring-ahead-fall-back-screw-up-your-schedule-because-we-are-too-ineffective-to-repeal-an-outdated-convention-i-am-so-glad-I-don't-perform-operational-support-anymore Day.

Anyways, I snuck a peak at my watch, and then realized it probably had the wrong time (6:29am). So I took a peak at my iPhone, which showed 5:29am. This made sense to me. So I whispered to the loml, "hey, its daylight savings. We have to let the boober sleep as long as she can (before her usual 7am feeding)".

This is my sneaky plan to get the baby onto the new time change. In fact, its also the same plan I use on myself. So then the loml says "what time is it?". So I tell him its 5:30am. Then he checks his phone and says "no, its 6:30". and we rapidly degenerate into a whispered debate about which one of our phones has failed to update correctly. Finally, he suggests that we check a laptop, but out of the five we have loitering around the house, none are by my side of the bed.

So I invoke God! No, wait, I don't. Instead I say, "I'll Google it".

and sure enough, Google tells me that its 5:30am where I am at, in addition to telling me what time it is in the other time zones. So there it is... and we all go to sleep. Secure in the knowledge that Google is out there, maintaining the right.


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