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good will and mass consumerism

ok, glad you could all join me for a holiday rant. but first some small housekeeping items. actually, just one item. Remember when I had written a previous post about how skinny pants were the new tapered pant, and how people look bad in them? Well point of clarification: my friend Yijia looks good in skinny pants. She is petite and trim, and consequently one of a tiny percentage of people who are not model celebrities who can wear them.

now that that is out of the way, onto my holiday rant. But a warning first. This is probably my most offensive post ever. If you are five years old or younger, you probably don't want to read this.


but yes, a delightful personification of "good will towards all men (and women)" and "hey, let's have some prezzies, shall we?". I dig it.

but why on earth would you lie to your kids and tell them that Santa is real? Its like some sick sick mind game that people justify as being a "wonderful tradition that enrichened their childhood memories". Really? Really??

I've always thought that we are supposed to overcome the circumstances of our upbringing and realize our full potential as sentient beings, instead of mindlessly repeating the cycles of our past. Stop being proud of your ignorance! Quit doing shit just because that's how your parents did it! Grow up, make conscious decisions, acknowledge, exist, and participate in your reality! (this is the sound of me giving the worst pep talk for self-actualization that you've ever heard).

No child has ever suffered from a lack of belief in a omnipotent man who provides annual presents to "good" kids.

Telling your kids that Santa is a real person is actually an exercise in the questionable rewards of lying and the cost of maintaining the tangled web of deceit. From the fantastical beginnings to the supporting infrastructure of faked evidence, hastily worded explanation of why Santa is begging for money outside the grocery store, to the inevitable (and unbelievable) defense against when some kid at school tells your kid that Santa isn't real, leading up to some pathetic denial of the possibility that your kids are humoring you by continuing to pretend that they still believe.

That's a great tradition man. Or to rephrase, the holidays can be a wonderful time for people (and kids) to contemplate the true spirit of the season. They're probably happy already, and if they aren't, is this piece of dishonesty (let's call a spade a spade) really worth it for them (cause who is really getting the "fun" out of this)?

Me, personally, I recommend watching the original version of "Miracle on 34th Street" with Maureen O'Hara. Now that is a good story.


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