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tying up loose ends

I just can't let go of this whole airbender thing (what I wrote about yesterday) but I'm going to conclude with:

1 - I didn't hear much outrage when Jessica Alba played Sue Storm in the fantastic four movies. So why is it so horrible to have vaguely white looking kids playing cartoon characters that were only vaguely asian looking? That whole series is written by two white guys!!

2 - I remember watching the first Harry Potter movie and seeing some little kid being really upset because things didn't happen the same as in the book. But again, the general public seemed to eat up the whole damn franchise anyway. So why is this movie so different? Because there was nothing for the older kids?

3 - I really think that if we want to see a real american epic, we should just watch all the seasons of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer". That is some real good stuff, and tragic to boot. I can't even watch some of the later seasons; they're just too sad.

So that's all I have to say... yeah..


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