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January 5, 2011


just recently, my sister and I were stuck on an insanely long car trip. So we passed the time in a way that only two reasonably intelligent, well-educated, and worldly women could.

We made a greatest hits list of hot men.. so really, its like a greatest hots list.. of actors. heheheh. hots list.. hehehehe..

So after an hour or more (who can remember when you are driving through alabama), we came up with seventeen names, which I now present to you, starting with the "love to have them as cabana boys", working our way up to "I'd really really like to lay hands on 'em", and culminating with "Oh my Gawd! I cannot speak intelligibly when faced with the thought of being in the same room with these men!!! sqeeeeeeee~". (as you can tell, we really spent some time on this, but hey. enough with the talk, here we go:

17. David Boreanaz

ok, the bar is set here with mr. boreanaz. Some of you may be wondering why, with an amazing upper body, he is only number 17. But the truth is, though we may have appreciated him in "Buffy", he definitely had some pudgy years there with "Angel", and its only due to his great (looking) work in Bones that he made our list. Yay - Mr.Boreanaz, good recovery.

16. Mark Wahlberg

Forever etched in my memory as the low-panted Marky Mark, my sister had to really fight with me to get him on the list. Oddly enough, I think he's a great actor, but I never really think of him 'like that'. But my sister said that he was topless the entire time in "Date Night" and he's got a great torso which I can completely agree with. So here he is, marky mark sans the funky bunch.

15. Harrison Ford

So we don't mean harrison ford now, we mean harrison ford then. And by that, we really mean Han Solo or Indiana Jones. cause who doesn't like a dirty rogue? and we'd totally giggle if he was our cabana boy.. a lot. tee-hee.

14. Chris Potter

Now we start wandering around a little. Chris Potter has only been in two things that we can recall. "Kung-Fu: The Legend Continues" and "Queer as Folk". While he might have been sort of interesting as Kwai Chang Kaines' long lost twice removed grandson or something or the other, he was totally hot as a gay man making out with hal sparks. ooh yeah - Chris Potter, you were so much hotter than that guy they replaced you with... sigh.

13. Dwayne Johnson

It took me a bit to get to Dwayne, mainly because his image is so overwhelming as The Rock, and his movie roles are a bit weird ("The Pacifier"). but really, he's a good looking guy (and he speaks well. not that that makes him look better but still). a whole lot of good looking.. yep.

12. Bruce Boxleitner

Yes, I did see "Tron: Legacy" and I have a lot to say about it, but that's for another post. Bruce gets an honorary spot as a past Tron hottie and for his spectacular work in "Scarecrow and Mrs.King" and "Babylon 5". How many guys do you know who have returned from Z'ha'dum?

11. Jude Law

This is a toughy. There is just "something" about Jude Law that made us/demanded that we have him at number 11 on our list. I like to think its the something that made him so good in "Closer" though my sister sums it up with "He's just always been hot. Even in 'Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow'".

10. Vin Diesel

and we are now leaving Cabana Boy territory and are now heading into the "touchy hotty" zone. because yes, that is what we would like to do to mister diesel.

9. Ryan Renolds

Now I had a hard time at first, accepting Ryan on this list. All those juvenile movies he made really had me stuffing him into some frat boy category of ewwww. But my sister had been digging him since those same juvenile movies ("Van Wilder") and thought he was super-buff in "Blade 3". I conceded when I recalled his promo shots as Deadpool. cause in the end, you can make mine marvel!

8. Hugh Jackman

I want to get one thing straight. Hugh Jackman is NOT on our list because of Wolverine. We don't like him that fuzzy. He's on our list because of movies like "Someone like You". The sister also liked him in "Swordfish" but that movie is so high on my list of "stupid travolta movies" that I can't dignify it.

--- note* we are now in the category of guys that we might be speechless around, so the descriptions are probably going to get short and illogical. That is all ---

7. Oded Fehr

You'll recall him as your token arab dude from the mummy - where he is nice looking. but omg, give him a bit of crew cut, like from resident evil. and oh my. yeah.. hey there umbrella man.

6. Val Kilmer

Now, we obviously aren't on board with now-fatty Val Kilmer. We mean, "Top Gun" Val Kilmer or even "The Saint" Val Kilmer.. sigh..

5. Jensen Ackles

ok, i have to stop a moment here. Jensen Ackles is my personal number 1 hawt hottie. ever. like for realz. He's the only reason I watched season 2 of "Dork Angel", and if he and Jessica Alba couldn't save that show, then it really was the worst thing on television at the time. and now he's on that stupid show with that guy from the 'gilmore girls' who isn't nearly as good looking and I'm not going to watch another stupid show if I have to see some other idiot on there diluting the hot. oooh jensen ackles.. soo hot and only one year younger than me!!!!!!

..ok - a few moments before I can move on..

4. Joseph Fiennes

alright, some people may have issues at this point (actually, I'm sure all of you have issues at this point, but whatever). but we really like his eyes.. those soulful puppy dog eyes, and we especially liked them in "The Very Thought of You" with Monica Potter. sigh. you can also like them in "Shakespeare in Love", but we really like the other movie much better.

3. Rupert Everett

Rupert Everett is so hawt that the fact that he is gay has zero bearing on the fact that we would be struck dumb to be in the room with hot him (maybe 20 years ago?). hrmmm... hot. and a nice actor to boot.

2. Ralph Fiennes

Maybe its the accent, but dang "english patient"! hawt! seriously, the only reason I think bradley cooper is hot is because of you!!!

and finally, the number 1 of undeniable hawt:

Jonathan Rhys-Meyers

uh hmmm... i know you have drug and alcohol problems. but still.. hawt hawt hawt.. "bend it like beckham" hawt. "August Rush" hawt. "the Tudors" hawt.

sigh. Ok - that is it. We hope you enjoyed it. And before I leave you all, I must of course state that none of these men could ever compete with the loml. Baby, you're best! and yes, very hot.

---- late entry -----

so I feel really bad about forgetting this one, so I'm adding this last entry. My sister and I didn't discuss him but I feel he is worth posting about. Think of it as a sort of bonus hottie for making it to the end of my list.

May I present, international hottie and bollywood star, Shahrukh Kahn!

Now, at first glance, you may not think he's hot. but I assure you, if you had experienced the amazing-ness of one of his movies, you would know the sheer instense hot-is-ness that is SRK (you'll also have seen the sheer cheese that a bollywood movie can be, but that's something else).

January 7, 2011

the users

This is my "Tron: Legacy" rant. Its not really a review but it does contain spoilers for the movie, so please, do not read this if you are planning on watching the movie.

First of all, I love the original "Tron" movie. I know its cheesy and that the effects are dated. But for what it is, I think its awesome. So with that in mind, I have got to tell you that my favourite parts of the new Tron movie were when they paid homage to the old movie. The bits with tron and the light-sail thingy and the cycles, and especially the dramatic poses at the end with Sam and Cora. love love love. I'm also a sucker for thematic music and pretty graphics, so if you saw the movie then you know that for me, the entire movie was practically a love-fest in my head.

but after all that, I did have a couple of issues.. or more. First of all, I have a sneaking suspicion that if you were a member of the audience who wasn't familiar with the original movie, then quite possibly, you thought this movie sucked.

The technical details were a bit ridiculous. Did we really need to see the bits of command line or have Flynn trying to explain code in the grid to the audience? In the first movie, Flynn bring a program back to life just by touching her. So why did they have to make things complicated? Trying to mock up this computer shit for an audience never pans out. So why did they try?

and the plot? What was that? Did we need a Zen Flynn? Did we really need a mystical race of native information life forms that were somehow the hope of the digital future? I think we would have been ok with evil-Flynn (CLU) just attempting to take over the internet or whatever. Isn't that enough? Did we all forget that the plot line of the original movie was just about a programmer trying to get credit for a computer game?

And (in my mind) the saddest mistake in the movie was they shorted Tron. You know, Tron, the guy that the movie is named after???

Its a beautifully tragic side story. Tron is the original champion, gets corrupted by CLU while defending Flynn, and then triumphs in the end by somehow winning an internal battle and returning to the side of the light, even though it costs him his life (we suspect). But somehow, this amazing character and his tragic story only got about 5 minutes of screen time during which they mostly showcase some ninja fighting skills.

Now, I'm not saying we needed to drama this up. But would it have killed them to finally show his face at the end, with maybe a couple of pithy exit lines? Think something like how Darth Vader gets to say "You were right, Luke. You were right. eeecccchhh" before he finally kicks the bucket. That's all I was asking for, a noble ending for a great character.

so that's what I thought. Hows about you?

January 14, 2011

best night ever

Tonight, I'm gonna play Warcraft!

Oh yeah.. Is it gonna be awesome?


Are you gonna kick ass?

Yeah!!! ... Actually, that's probably a lie. I'm probably gonna die for awhile. Then I'll go herbing, and probably sell some shit to try to make some money...

Then I might make a new character and then hide out for awhile trying to get to level 10.

hah! hah!

January 31, 2011

more from the cage

maybe its the half a Costco pizza that I just had for dinner, but the thought of the upcoming Mir vs Roy Nelson fight just leaves me feeling ill. Seriously. Ill.

I'm talking about upcoming UFC 130 fight card. ugh. (that's MMA for the rest of you. I suppose every gal has to have one sport that she's gung ho about, and badminton just hasn't been cutting it for me lately). Just the thought of seeing Nelson up against Mir, its like setting down last week's frito pie next to a nice piece of steak. gah!

well, i know Frank Mir won't let me down. He may be overly self-serving, but he's got a good grip on reality - unlike some of those other guys and today I mean you, BJ Penn. I haven't been able to take you seriously for at over a year now and counting.

I'm curious to see how "Big Country" comes out for this one, especially after that last loss to Junior Dos Santos. If memory serves me correctly, I think Roy was just athletically outclassed on that one. The only thing that really stood him well was his ability to take repeated punches to the head without getting knocked out. And that was impressive. Sad to watch though.

So hopefully Mir will be able to finish this fight off sooner than later. So come on Frank, I've like you ever since you coached on UFC. You are my favourite asshole of the whole bunch. And witnessing the competition, that's saying a lot.

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