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more from the cage

maybe its the half a Costco pizza that I just had for dinner, but the thought of the upcoming Mir vs Roy Nelson fight just leaves me feeling ill. Seriously. Ill.

I'm talking about upcoming UFC 130 fight card. ugh. (that's MMA for the rest of you. I suppose every gal has to have one sport that she's gung ho about, and badminton just hasn't been cutting it for me lately). Just the thought of seeing Nelson up against Mir, its like setting down last week's frito pie next to a nice piece of steak. gah!

well, i know Frank Mir won't let me down. He may be overly self-serving, but he's got a good grip on reality - unlike some of those other guys and today I mean you, BJ Penn. I haven't been able to take you seriously for at over a year now and counting.

I'm curious to see how "Big Country" comes out for this one, especially after that last loss to Junior Dos Santos. If memory serves me correctly, I think Roy was just athletically outclassed on that one. The only thing that really stood him well was his ability to take repeated punches to the head without getting knocked out. And that was impressive. Sad to watch though.

So hopefully Mir will be able to finish this fight off sooner than later. So come on Frank, I've like you ever since you coached on UFC. You are my favourite asshole of the whole bunch. And witnessing the competition, that's saying a lot.


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