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This is my "Tron: Legacy" rant. Its not really a review but it does contain spoilers for the movie, so please, do not read this if you are planning on watching the movie.

First of all, I love the original "Tron" movie. I know its cheesy and that the effects are dated. But for what it is, I think its awesome. So with that in mind, I have got to tell you that my favourite parts of the new Tron movie were when they paid homage to the old movie. The bits with tron and the light-sail thingy and the cycles, and especially the dramatic poses at the end with Sam and Cora. love love love. I'm also a sucker for thematic music and pretty graphics, so if you saw the movie then you know that for me, the entire movie was practically a love-fest in my head.

but after all that, I did have a couple of issues.. or more. First of all, I have a sneaking suspicion that if you were a member of the audience who wasn't familiar with the original movie, then quite possibly, you thought this movie sucked.

The technical details were a bit ridiculous. Did we really need to see the bits of command line or have Flynn trying to explain code in the grid to the audience? In the first movie, Flynn bring a program back to life just by touching her. So why did they have to make things complicated? Trying to mock up this computer shit for an audience never pans out. So why did they try?

and the plot? What was that? Did we need a Zen Flynn? Did we really need a mystical race of native information life forms that were somehow the hope of the digital future? I think we would have been ok with evil-Flynn (CLU) just attempting to take over the internet or whatever. Isn't that enough? Did we all forget that the plot line of the original movie was just about a programmer trying to get credit for a computer game?

And (in my mind) the saddest mistake in the movie was they shorted Tron. You know, Tron, the guy that the movie is named after???

Its a beautifully tragic side story. Tron is the original champion, gets corrupted by CLU while defending Flynn, and then triumphs in the end by somehow winning an internal battle and returning to the side of the light, even though it costs him his life (we suspect). But somehow, this amazing character and his tragic story only got about 5 minutes of screen time during which they mostly showcase some ninja fighting skills.

Now, I'm not saying we needed to drama this up. But would it have killed them to finally show his face at the end, with maybe a couple of pithy exit lines? Think something like how Darth Vader gets to say "You were right, Luke. You were right. eeecccchhh" before he finally kicks the bucket. That's all I was asking for, a noble ending for a great character.

so that's what I thought. Hows about you?


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