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February 8, 2011

mobility and me

So this week, I was removed from my office at work. Evidently, while my company is super awesome in all other respects, they're not above a little aggressive cost cutting. So to spare you all the whinging, I am basically working out of my serenity room for now.

There are some perks, but the downsides are there. I keep sneaking off to write e-mails as the thoughts strike me, so some mental discipline needs to be learned.

and it also looks like my dress has also started to slide. I've started wearing jeans during the week, even though I did stop by the office each day. and other little things have started to creep in..

like maybe I can start up on lifestyle experimentation again. I've really been dying to stop washing my hair for a couple of months now. I'm convinced that if I just stop subjecting my hair to all these shampoo and conditioning treatments, that my scalp will achieve some sort of natural balance with its own oils, and the resulting hair style will be wonderous.

or maybe not. but I still want to find out. So from now on, its water only. at least until I break.

February 9, 2011

these times, they are a - WHAT?

So evidently, my memory is worse than previously imagined (and i was imagining pretty bad). This morning, I got up and did my morning routine o' stuff. About 6 hours later, I stopped in the bathroom and was just amazed by my hair.

"It's mighty frisky today!" was what I was thinking... and about twenty seconds later I remembered that I was on a no-shampoo/conditioner trial with my hair. I think I better remove those bottles from my shower before I forget again and blow the 'speriment.

Something else I remembered was the last time I stayed at home for an extended period of time, I kind of went nuts. For those of you who haven't read those slightly whacked out blog entries, I was gainfully unemployed for four months back in '08.

man, i hope that doesn't happen again.

February 12, 2011

mister ferris

So Tim Ferris came out with another book called 'The Four Hour Body' and I bought it.

Because I believe Tim Ferris. His first book, 'The Four-Hour workweek', was my bible for about 3 months in 2008. And yes, it worked for me. I know a lot of people think Tim Ferris is a liar or just someone trying to push a gimmick. I think he is a genius who has figured out how to screw around in life, do what he wants, and make a living doing it. I also think he tells the truth.

So back to the four-hour body. Its a collection of body hacks, not a diet book. But I wouldn't know because instead of reading the 'reducing body fat' section, I skipped ahead to some of the other stuff (which I may or may not cover later).

but one funny thing is that in the first chapter or two of the book, Tim asks you, the reader, to do some actions to get yourself invested in improving your body. So I committed and got the loml to take some pics of me in my underwear, printed them onto a 4x6 magnet, and stuck that sucker on the fridge.

First of all, it was a pretty funny conversation:
"Honey, can you take some pictures of me in my underwear?"
which would have been kind of fun except i'm in my 'last pair of ugly underwear that is the signal to do a load of laundry' underwear. And, I'm in the post-pregnancy phase of skinny-fat. And I don't give a shit what any of you out there are saying. Just because I'm a size 4 does not mean that I'm in shape.

Of course during all this, my sister comes upstairs, and I'm all like "How come you always show up when the weird shit is going on?" to which she responds "What? its not you aren't running around in your underwear half the time anyway.." (note* this is not true - I don't know what she is talking about).

Anyway, so now I have this pic of me on the fridge. and its taunting me. like every time I walk through the kitchen. I had no idea how creepy it would be. but don't worry folks, if you visit, I'll probably wind up hiding it somewhere.

February 14, 2011


sooo... along with starting a new 30 day food plan (as dictated by 'the four-hour body') I also started a food diary, but instead of writing anything down I just take a picture and post it with the flickr iphone app.

and this is what I suddenly remembered about screwing with your food intake. Whenever you start making conscious decisions about what you eat, its really easy to get all neurotic about it. When i did my three-day juice fasts, I remember just dying whenever I smelled mexican food because my body was convinced it was starving (not true)! When I was only allowed to have fruit for dinner during my ten-day meditation fest, I spent lunch time for the first two or three days trying to not to overeat because I was afraid I would be hungry all night (this never happened).

So today, even though I'm allowed to eat as much (of certain) foods as I want to, I find myself having a hard time not thinking about all the things i can't eat. On Sunday, I get a day of 'rest' where I really can eat anything I want. I'm already planning on having half a tray of Ghiradelli's triple chocolate brownies, and I'm eyeballing a recipe for homemade cheese-stuff jalapeno's that look good but I'll probably just settle for broiled cheese sticks.

in the mean time, i catch myself just endlessly staring at my Flickr photostream of consumed items. If I can eat as much as I want, and believe me, I am... then how long will it take for my body to stop wanting the cookies!!!

see my Flickr food here.

February 25, 2011

on wit the crazy

So a couple of weeks ago, I decided to try Tim Ferris' Four hour body diet. Basically, he said that a super low carb diet is the key to losing body fat. So I did it. For six days, all I did was eat vegetable omelets, cottage cheese, salsa, 15 bean soup, vegetable stir fry with no rice, salad, nuts, and sea weed. and lots and lots of water.

And then I measured myself. I lost about 3 lbs, a half a percent of body fat, 1 inch from my waist and 2 inches off my hips. I consider the inches to be the success of the week.

thus emboldened, I decided to add some sort of physical exercise to the mix. Plus, my sister (pissed off because I stopped eating her breakfast cooking) kept saying that if I didn't exercise then my diet wasn't going to work the way I thought it would. On a side note, all I wanted was some results for cheap effort. And I must admit, when you cut out carbs, its amazingly easy to convince your body to eat omelets and bean soup for a week straight.

And, I actually feel better. So I decided to move onto phase 2: the kettleball.

Tim Ferris recommends a 36 lb kettleball for women, and only one basic exercise - the two handed swing. So I went online to buy me one. Which leads me to a mini rant about how exercise is marketed towards women. This isn't the same rant that Tim Ferris has in his book, where he basically says that specific exercises for women are bullshit. This is the one about how the kettleballs that are marketed towards women, and I can tell because they colored them pink and yellow, are all three or five pounds.

Are you kidding me?!! You can't accomplish anything doing a two handed swing with a five pound kettleball. I've had five pound handweights for years, and a fat lot of good they ever did me. I need at least thirty pounds to get anywhere. Where is my pink thirty pound kettleball???

So fine, I got an amazing good deal with cheap shipping on a thirty pound, black kettleball from wal-mart. When it arrived I named it 'Al' (short for Almost Pood - A pood is a russian unit of mass used for kettleballs, approx 36 lbs) and started using it as Tim suggested. About five minutes a day on monday, wednesday, and friday coupled with some back stretches.

Now I can hear you say "5 minutes a day!" What was all the ranting about if you are only going to use it 15 minutes a week. Well, like I said, I'm looking for cheap results - which is really what Tim Ferris' book is about. Tomorrow, I'll be doing another set of body measurements and we'll see what happens.

Note* I did start eating carbs again but I did reduce a lot of them based on what I learned during my week of dieting.

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