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sooo... along with starting a new 30 day food plan (as dictated by 'the four-hour body') I also started a food diary, but instead of writing anything down I just take a picture and post it with the flickr iphone app.

and this is what I suddenly remembered about screwing with your food intake. Whenever you start making conscious decisions about what you eat, its really easy to get all neurotic about it. When i did my three-day juice fasts, I remember just dying whenever I smelled mexican food because my body was convinced it was starving (not true)! When I was only allowed to have fruit for dinner during my ten-day meditation fest, I spent lunch time for the first two or three days trying to not to overeat because I was afraid I would be hungry all night (this never happened).

So today, even though I'm allowed to eat as much (of certain) foods as I want to, I find myself having a hard time not thinking about all the things i can't eat. On Sunday, I get a day of 'rest' where I really can eat anything I want. I'm already planning on having half a tray of Ghiradelli's triple chocolate brownies, and I'm eyeballing a recipe for homemade cheese-stuff jalapeno's that look good but I'll probably just settle for broiled cheese sticks.

in the mean time, i catch myself just endlessly staring at my Flickr photostream of consumed items. If I can eat as much as I want, and believe me, I am... then how long will it take for my body to stop wanting the cookies!!!

see my Flickr food here.


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