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mister ferris

So Tim Ferris came out with another book called 'The Four Hour Body' and I bought it.

Because I believe Tim Ferris. His first book, 'The Four-Hour workweek', was my bible for about 3 months in 2008. And yes, it worked for me. I know a lot of people think Tim Ferris is a liar or just someone trying to push a gimmick. I think he is a genius who has figured out how to screw around in life, do what he wants, and make a living doing it. I also think he tells the truth.

So back to the four-hour body. Its a collection of body hacks, not a diet book. But I wouldn't know because instead of reading the 'reducing body fat' section, I skipped ahead to some of the other stuff (which I may or may not cover later).

but one funny thing is that in the first chapter or two of the book, Tim asks you, the reader, to do some actions to get yourself invested in improving your body. So I committed and got the loml to take some pics of me in my underwear, printed them onto a 4x6 magnet, and stuck that sucker on the fridge.

First of all, it was a pretty funny conversation:
"Honey, can you take some pictures of me in my underwear?"
which would have been kind of fun except i'm in my 'last pair of ugly underwear that is the signal to do a load of laundry' underwear. And, I'm in the post-pregnancy phase of skinny-fat. And I don't give a shit what any of you out there are saying. Just because I'm a size 4 does not mean that I'm in shape.

Of course during all this, my sister comes upstairs, and I'm all like "How come you always show up when the weird shit is going on?" to which she responds "What? its not you aren't running around in your underwear half the time anyway.." (note* this is not true - I don't know what she is talking about).

Anyway, so now I have this pic of me on the fridge. and its taunting me. like every time I walk through the kitchen. I had no idea how creepy it would be. but don't worry folks, if you visit, I'll probably wind up hiding it somewhere.


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