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mobility and me

So this week, I was removed from my office at work. Evidently, while my company is super awesome in all other respects, they're not above a little aggressive cost cutting. So to spare you all the whinging, I am basically working out of my serenity room for now.

There are some perks, but the downsides are there. I keep sneaking off to write e-mails as the thoughts strike me, so some mental discipline needs to be learned.

and it also looks like my dress has also started to slide. I've started wearing jeans during the week, even though I did stop by the office each day. and other little things have started to creep in..

like maybe I can start up on lifestyle experimentation again. I've really been dying to stop washing my hair for a couple of months now. I'm convinced that if I just stop subjecting my hair to all these shampoo and conditioning treatments, that my scalp will achieve some sort of natural balance with its own oils, and the resulting hair style will be wonderous.

or maybe not. but I still want to find out. So from now on, its water only. at least until I break.


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