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on wit the crazy

So a couple of weeks ago, I decided to try Tim Ferris' Four hour body diet. Basically, he said that a super low carb diet is the key to losing body fat. So I did it. For six days, all I did was eat vegetable omelets, cottage cheese, salsa, 15 bean soup, vegetable stir fry with no rice, salad, nuts, and sea weed. and lots and lots of water.

And then I measured myself. I lost about 3 lbs, a half a percent of body fat, 1 inch from my waist and 2 inches off my hips. I consider the inches to be the success of the week.

thus emboldened, I decided to add some sort of physical exercise to the mix. Plus, my sister (pissed off because I stopped eating her breakfast cooking) kept saying that if I didn't exercise then my diet wasn't going to work the way I thought it would. On a side note, all I wanted was some results for cheap effort. And I must admit, when you cut out carbs, its amazingly easy to convince your body to eat omelets and bean soup for a week straight.

And, I actually feel better. So I decided to move onto phase 2: the kettleball.

Tim Ferris recommends a 36 lb kettleball for women, and only one basic exercise - the two handed swing. So I went online to buy me one. Which leads me to a mini rant about how exercise is marketed towards women. This isn't the same rant that Tim Ferris has in his book, where he basically says that specific exercises for women are bullshit. This is the one about how the kettleballs that are marketed towards women, and I can tell because they colored them pink and yellow, are all three or five pounds.

Are you kidding me?!! You can't accomplish anything doing a two handed swing with a five pound kettleball. I've had five pound handweights for years, and a fat lot of good they ever did me. I need at least thirty pounds to get anywhere. Where is my pink thirty pound kettleball???

So fine, I got an amazing good deal with cheap shipping on a thirty pound, black kettleball from wal-mart. When it arrived I named it 'Al' (short for Almost Pood - A pood is a russian unit of mass used for kettleballs, approx 36 lbs) and started using it as Tim suggested. About five minutes a day on monday, wednesday, and friday coupled with some back stretches.

Now I can hear you say "5 minutes a day!" What was all the ranting about if you are only going to use it 15 minutes a week. Well, like I said, I'm looking for cheap results - which is really what Tim Ferris' book is about. Tomorrow, I'll be doing another set of body measurements and we'll see what happens.

Note* I did start eating carbs again but I did reduce a lot of them based on what I learned during my week of dieting.


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