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March 4, 2011

why can't michael rosenbaum catch a break?

Why can't Michael Rosenbaum catch a break?

This guy is a good actor. I knew it the moment I first saw him in 'Sorority Boys' and confirmed when I re-watched 'Urban Legend', this time not focusing on Jared Leto. But yes I know, those movies weren't very good.

But seriously! Michael Rosenbaum is way better than James Franco! James Franco is like one step up from Keanu Reeves. And I love James Franco! I loved him in 'Pineapple Express' and I love that he got himself some episodes on General Hospital, and I especially love that he was in '127 Hours' but more because I really dig the Aron Ralston story... but that doesn't mean he's a good actor.

So why is he doing so freakin' well when Michael Rosenbaum looks like he's gonna spend his career like Mark Walhberg (cute but massively unappreciated for his acting)?

I suppose it would help if Mr. Rosenbaum weren't participating in movies like 'Dragonlance: Dragons of the Autumn Twilight'. which, yes, I had the dubious honor of watching last night.

and yes, you caught me, this whole rant is just a sneaky way to back into a movie review for something you never want to see. Dragonlance: DotAT is an animated version of the the Weiss/Hickman fantasy novels from the 80's. Or as the loml comments, "no, i didn't read them. Those books were stupid."

and to which I can now add, "omg. do NOT watch that movie. It was really bad." And normally, I enjoy a bad movie. I even enjoy bad kids movies, like 'the last airbender'. But this, this was seriously horrible. I will now sum up the horrible in three points so that we can never mention it again:

  1. They off-shored the animation. Did you know that India has an animation industry? No? Well, I think I know why. The animation in this movie was so bad, I initially thought that the work had been done in the 80's, left abandoned in a vault, quickly touched up in the 90's, abandoned again, and then was finally released with voice work in 2008. but no. evidently all this stuff was done on purpose sometime around 2007. AND IT SUCKS! If the studio really wanted to save money, they could've just farmed it out to a mass of college students working in computer visual arts programs around the country and then just compiled the work... It would've been so much better.
  2. Confusing violence. A lot of people die in this movie. Women, children, old people, young people, and a fair amount of monsters. but for some reason, not everybody bleeds, and only at odd times in the movie. Was this movie for kids? Cause a lot of them get killed, pretty obviously, in the story. and yet, there is also some weird sexual tension and I don't know what else. the content-level was really just a mess.
  3. That's about it really. The first two points really cover 95% of the bad that was this movie. Of small note, is the fanboy puling that they shouldn't have attempted to jam the plot line of the entire book into one small movie, but really that's small potatoes at this point.

Oh well.. one can only hope that Michael Rosenbaum strikes it lucky with his next movie. whenever he gets one. I promise to watch it!

March 14, 2011

a night at the movies

As you may have guessed by my frequent rant-er-riffic movie review entries, I love movies! I especially have a soft spot for bad movies, specifically in the category of sappy foreign romance (I heart you andy lau), awful video game to movie adaptations (yeah! mortal kombat II), and anything else that may strike my fancy.

So tonight I settled down to watch my latest Netflix, a little something titled 'Blood of Beasts' (note that it appears they attempted a re-release with a different title a couple of years after it was made). There were all kinds of harbingers of doom on this one. When the loml saw it, he totally got miffed about how crappy it was going to be (i think this was based on the title and the fact that I requested it in the first place). So I figured I should watch it quickly and then dispose of it. So I popped it into the DVD player and immediately noticed something else. Production quality was low. low low low. The titles looked like they had been done with power point. but I persisted. Then I noticed that one of the actors was Justin Whalin..

that name sounded familiar, and when I saw him I knew I had to stop watching this movie. Mainly because a) he used to be Jimmy Olsen on 'Lois & Clark' and has been in *nothing* worth watching since and b) all the guys in this movie had really bad weaves. This is supposed to be some kind of medieval adventure, so all the men have long hair. But instead of investing in wigs, these ren-festers decided to go with, I kid you not, really bad weave jobs. I think it was the sight of this bad hair that really made me decide to quit.

So I ejected the DVD, turned to the loml, and said, "That's it. Maybe I should start using some kind of rating system before I add things to my Netflix queue. Like a rotten tomatoes rating. I'll just figure out what my threshold for bad movies is, and take the average of that."

The response from the loml wasn't really transcribable, but suffice to say, he still loves me even though my funny ideas are no longer funny to him.

anyway, I tried looking up movies that were on my threshold of bad, like 'dragonball: evolution' but the ratings wound up too low to use (13% is too low). So, I started checking out other movies for fun. Did you know 'Conan the Barbarian' has a 76% rating? I love that movie.

So I realized that instead of trying to avoid bad movies, maybe I should look for good movies instead. So I checked out my top 3 movies that I think are genuinely good, well made, and that I enjoyed.

1. Inception - 86%
2. Sex, Lies, and Video Tape - 97% (my favourite movie of all time from 2003 to now)
3. Dangerous Liasons - 93% (my previous favourite movie of all time from 1993 - 2003)

which gives me an average of...92%. Well, that certainly would have saved me from watching that glorified 3D piece of **** movie named 'Avatar' (came in at 83%). So this number must be good. Which leads me to the next problem. How can I find a listing of movies at 92% and up so I can build my netflix list?

Does rotten tomatoes have this option???

--- quick update ---
looks like they do have something. Check out their top movies list here.

March 31, 2011

the front 40

I recently "upgraded" to Office 2010 (for work). and as far as I can tell, its not much crazier than 2007 with the ribbon of whack but Outlook seems to be trying to take over my desktop.

But this is nothing really; I'm just looking for an excuse to transition into what I really want to talk about. Which is my TOTALLY AWESOME spreadsheet for all the plants I am growing from seed, indoors ( I did my spreadsheet in Excel 2010 - see! ).

Anyway, I've got about 31 jiffy pellets/pots of various sizes underneath my grow light, containing a variety of tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, beets, and kohlrabi. Because they are all in different sizes, I keep rearranging them, and pruning off the undesired sprouts, and generally micro-managing the heck out of them.

Which is why I needed a spreadsheet, because the constant redrawing of my seed pot vegetable configuration on post-it notes was getting old. And my spreadsheet is so cool! Using the data validation and conditional formatting options in excel, I've got it set up so that I can drop-down list populate any cell from a master inventory list, and once the cell is populated, it automatically color codes itself based on the type of vegetable it is!!!

I can create a color-coded representation of my plants in seconds, EVERY TIME I REARRANGE THEM!

who knew gardening was so fun?!

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