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the front 40

I recently "upgraded" to Office 2010 (for work). and as far as I can tell, its not much crazier than 2007 with the ribbon of whack but Outlook seems to be trying to take over my desktop.

But this is nothing really; I'm just looking for an excuse to transition into what I really want to talk about. Which is my TOTALLY AWESOME spreadsheet for all the plants I am growing from seed, indoors ( I did my spreadsheet in Excel 2010 - see! ).

Anyway, I've got about 31 jiffy pellets/pots of various sizes underneath my grow light, containing a variety of tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, beets, and kohlrabi. Because they are all in different sizes, I keep rearranging them, and pruning off the undesired sprouts, and generally micro-managing the heck out of them.

Which is why I needed a spreadsheet, because the constant redrawing of my seed pot vegetable configuration on post-it notes was getting old. And my spreadsheet is so cool! Using the data validation and conditional formatting options in excel, I've got it set up so that I can drop-down list populate any cell from a master inventory list, and once the cell is populated, it automatically color codes itself based on the type of vegetable it is!!!

I can create a color-coded representation of my plants in seconds, EVERY TIME I REARRANGE THEM!

who knew gardening was so fun?!


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