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April 3, 2011

in bad odour

yesterday i finally had the chance to clear out the garden bed and side planting area at Meowderly. The weather was tolerable and the little loml was taking a nap. This area of the yard has presented some challenge in the past. The previous owner had taken an approach that resulted in a look between "desert survival" and "untended yard scrapple".

The first year we moved in, we did very little besides some pruning. The second year, the loml graciously installed a raised bed for me to grow edibles, a fun experiment that resulted in a random crop since I didn't heat treat the compost. That year, I randomly planted some pretty flowers (phlox and hibiscus) in the yard, tried to get the existing plants to flourish (lavender and forsythia), and then got completely sidelined by my pregnancy.

This year, I'm finally ready to take some action. My friend Yijia keeps insisting that I need to plan out what I want to do, otherwise this yard will wind up like the other side yard which is an experiment in "I wonder what the plants are going to do now?"

well, I'm pretty bad at planning out the yard, but after performing this initial cleanup, I definitely have some ground rules:

1 - Day Lilies are officially being accorded "weed" status. With the exception of a decorative border, they will be removed.
2 - The Lavender and Forsythia are being given notice. Either they start flourishing and looking pretty, or I am going to rip them out and possibly NOT REPLANT them. They are in pretty bad locations as it is.
3 - Where is my phlox? I planted two of them last year and I'm not actually sure where they are or what they are doing. Must locate!
4 - I need to lay down some mulch or ground cover or whatever it is you do when you define where things are.

There is a new sheriff in town!

April 12, 2011

... on the way to the forum

the great thing about kids is all the stuff you get to learn.

take this example, please. A few days ago, the loml turns to me and says "I know why parents play the airplane game". He's referring to that feeding ritual where the parent holds a spoon of food in their hand, and moves it through the air, like a plane, before putting the food in the kid's mouth. Anyway, I bite, "ok, why do people play the airplane game?"

"Most people think its to get the baby to open their mouth", he says, "but really, its to stop the kid from grabbing the spoon when they get fed."

"oooh", says I. "My sister just holds the bowl in front of the mini-loml. Then when she tries to grab it, she sticks the spoon in her mouth".

"Whatever", says the loml, "My way is easier.

So hey, that's pretty interesting right. But even more interesting to me, is the conversation that I have with my sister yesterday.

"I know why parents play the airplane game!", she says. And I get this feeling of deja vu, but I ask her anyway. "Why do people play the airplane game?"

"Its to get the baby to open their mouth!"

I think I mutter some sort of acknowledgment at this point.

but the good news is, no matter what people think is going on, the baby is getting fed.

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