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July 9, 2011

at last

Wow, its been a while since I posted. I had to spend the first 10 minutes nuking spam comments from the blog. Evidently, some spambots, using cyrillic, found my site and hit me up for over 100 comments saying something incomprehensible.

So time to bump up the comment checker threshold. Anyway, I fully intend to start posting on a regular basis again. And with that being said, here is my tale of amazing adventure for today.

There I was, with the mini-loml, at Whole Foods. We had snack time at the store since they were sampling cherries and peaches, and some bread.. and cheese... and some chips and dip... anyway.. I was going through the aisles looking for healthy snacking options for the mini-loml, when I found a box of freezer pops. Healthy freezer pops? Is there such a thing?

well, if there is, I suppose these would be them. Some kind of combination of coconut water and fruit puree, with a minimum of sugar added. At least it wasn't the primary ingredient, so I suppose that's what counts. But then, as I dropped them into the basket, I wondered "Would the mini-loml like them?"

They certainly weren't full of sugar, food coloring and citric acid, which is what I used to like in a freezer pop (still do actually). but I suppose that we all have to make do with substitutes sometimes.

I do this all the time with food. Two days ago, I had an unwholesome urge to get a huge box of assorted chocolates and eat them all (Damn you Amazon Prime for letting me know that all my dearest consumer fantasies are available with next day shipping!!!), but NO! I thought about it and instead made a cup of hot chocolate (technically Godiva milk chocolate flavored hot cocoa but whatever) and that worked.

And then yesterday, when I wanted to eat candy for dinner, I found a box of Nature Valley Granola bars (Oats and Dark Chocolate - yay me!).

And then today, when I wanted to eat mass quantities of ice cream, well... I polished off some Edy's Mocha Almond Fudge ice cream. Because seriously, what kind of crazy person thinks there is a substitute for ice cream?

July 11, 2011

i almost didn't post this...

because i may sound like a bad mom. and normally, i don't like to center a post around the mini-loml, because i don't think you should use for kids as social fodder (pets, yes; other people, not so much).. but what else has my day been about?

i am a pretty laid back mom. ***oh wait, before I forget, this post contains mention of ladies-only *things*. this is the only warning you are going to get*** At some point, after working in a pretty stressful on-call job, and having a kid, and meditating for awhile, I find that I've got a pretty good ordered list of things that are problems. And I'd like to quote an old philosophy professor of mine. "You think you have problems? Cancer. That's a problem".

So I don't yell so much these days; at least not because I'm angry. I seem to have volume issues when I get excited about things - that's a separate issue. My point is that, I don't see the point in getting pissed off about things anymore (people yes, stupid incidents no).

For example, heading east instead of west on the interstate and going 4 miles out of my way? Not a problem. Breaking a glass, not a problem. Sleeping in a giant pile of laundry? HAHAHAHAHAHA - I am a slob!

Anyway, this morning I was in the bathroom trying to brush my teeth and conduct all those little activities that are necessary to function well in polite society. Meanwhile, the mini-loml was entertaining herself with the vanity contents. And then I notice that she's grabbed hold of the box of tampons and is tossing them all over the bathroom floor. okay, not a problem, they're individually wrapped, I'll pick them up later when I've got time.

And then she grabs one and starts chewing on it. So, I'm brushing my teeth and thinking, "okay, they're individually wrapped, but this is kind of disturbing." So I make a grab for it, but she gets super pissed and doesn't want to let go.

"ok.. still, individually wrapped, and the kid is happy, ok whatever". I get a move on with my morning routine and then I notice a) she's dropped the tampon - yay greatness, but then b) she has now moved on to a bag of razor blades.

so before that sounds as awful as it could (too late I know), they're all packed in these nice safe SEALED plastic cases. But YES, I KNOW. THIS IS A PROBLEM. I can't really let her run around playing with these things, even if they are also *individually wrapped*.

So I grab the kid, remove the bag of razor blades, and haul her screaming, tantrum throwing little self out of the bathroom, to kitchen where I can maybe distract her with some french toast.

yay, parenting.

July 12, 2011

it's a sin

ok - I've been sitting on this for a few days and I really need to get it out. But brace yourselves people, this is going to be one internet-geeky entry.. of rage!

I finally started watching Torchwood. For those of you who aren't sci-fi fans, Torchwood is a BBC spin-off the latest Doctor Who series. If you don't know Doctor Who, then you aren't a sci-fi fan. Sorry, but there is no excuse. I haven't actually watched the new Doctor Who, but I loved old series (Tom Baker is my #1) and was turned off by the tv pilot/movie that came out in '96 (Doctor Who with a sex drive -ewwwwww!). SO understandably, I was a little reluctant to watch the new one. My loss - turns out BBC is awesome these days - just go watch their new Sherlock (it is to die for).

Anyways.. back to the point. So, looking for a new show, I decided to give Torchwood a go. And damn! Adult sci-fi with the welsh!! LOVE IT! And I really did, I invested in that show. But no one warned me, so I have to warn you ** Don't read this if you don't want me to ruin the show for you, much like my mother did when I was catching up on Bones and she goes 'Have you gotten to the part yet where her assistant turns out to be a serial killer?' Mom, you lose big time for that, because you did it on purpose **

One of the best things about the show is the raunchy yet understated romantic interest between the main man and one of the supporting staff. Two decently attractive men, good writing, and lots of fun action. I swooned - and so did the fanbase (from what I can tell). And yet, the man in charge of the show saw fit to kill one of them off (and consequently terminate the sci-fi gay romantic back story line that was nicely threading through the series). I'm am still so upset, words fail me. I cannot describe the awesome that this was, and the awfulness that resulted from this action.

As I watched via netflix, years after it actually aired, I remembered. I remembered reading about the acrimony between the fan base and the series producer. At the time, I thought it was ridiculous. People have to die in stories to create a richer experience, to make a point, sometime just as a plot device. You can't fight the creator. Fans need to know their place. but oh, in this instance, i was wrong... oh so wrong.

Now maybe I've missed it, but I haven't seen a tv show do a nicely understated gay romance with the main character, have it be well-written, and not have it be the main point. This was something rare, and in this case I have to agree with the fans. So even though he'll never read this, "Russell Davies - you killed a unicorn. That's why people got so mad."

July 19, 2011


Most everyone I know if a Netflix customer, especially if the recent Facebook status explosion of "Netflix - why are you screwing me over?!" is to be believed. For those of you who aren't customers (and I can only imagine that you aren't reading this entry as you must live some kind of media technology free amish lifestyle), Netflix decided to change the existing plans and simultaneously up their prices.

So we're going to drop the 'real' DVD/Blu-ray products and switch over to streaming only. And I'm ok with that, the last couple of DVD's I got were horrendous. Like "Country Strong". Just look at that title. ughh. I don't even like country music. I only rented it because it had that guy from 'Tron: Legacy' in it.. and i still couldn't bring myself to watch it.

Though i should note that the last musical gwenyth paltrow movie I watched was "Duets" with Huey Lewis. That was much better than I thought - darker too.

Streaming selection has moderately improved with netflix. Just the other night, the loml and I watched "Kick-ass" which was at least 10 times better than I expected (especially regarding Nicholas Cage). And to make a recommendation. This movie was marketed as some kind of juvenile fan-boy comic book super hero flick, and it is. But underneath it, its really an exceptionally done dark comedy. Probably the best one I've seen this decade.

So, its an odd place to find one but if you like both those things (comic book fannish-ness and dark comedy) this movie is for you.

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