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at last

Wow, its been a while since I posted. I had to spend the first 10 minutes nuking spam comments from the blog. Evidently, some spambots, using cyrillic, found my site and hit me up for over 100 comments saying something incomprehensible.

So time to bump up the comment checker threshold. Anyway, I fully intend to start posting on a regular basis again. And with that being said, here is my tale of amazing adventure for today.

There I was, with the mini-loml, at Whole Foods. We had snack time at the store since they were sampling cherries and peaches, and some bread.. and cheese... and some chips and dip... anyway.. I was going through the aisles looking for healthy snacking options for the mini-loml, when I found a box of freezer pops. Healthy freezer pops? Is there such a thing?

well, if there is, I suppose these would be them. Some kind of combination of coconut water and fruit puree, with a minimum of sugar added. At least it wasn't the primary ingredient, so I suppose that's what counts. But then, as I dropped them into the basket, I wondered "Would the mini-loml like them?"

They certainly weren't full of sugar, food coloring and citric acid, which is what I used to like in a freezer pop (still do actually). but I suppose that we all have to make do with substitutes sometimes.

I do this all the time with food. Two days ago, I had an unwholesome urge to get a huge box of assorted chocolates and eat them all (Damn you Amazon Prime for letting me know that all my dearest consumer fantasies are available with next day shipping!!!), but NO! I thought about it and instead made a cup of hot chocolate (technically Godiva milk chocolate flavored hot cocoa but whatever) and that worked.

And then yesterday, when I wanted to eat candy for dinner, I found a box of Nature Valley Granola bars (Oats and Dark Chocolate - yay me!).

And then today, when I wanted to eat mass quantities of ice cream, well... I polished off some Edy's Mocha Almond Fudge ice cream. Because seriously, what kind of crazy person thinks there is a substitute for ice cream?


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