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i almost didn't post this...

because i may sound like a bad mom. and normally, i don't like to center a post around the mini-loml, because i don't think you should use for kids as social fodder (pets, yes; other people, not so much).. but what else has my day been about?

i am a pretty laid back mom. ***oh wait, before I forget, this post contains mention of ladies-only *things*. this is the only warning you are going to get*** At some point, after working in a pretty stressful on-call job, and having a kid, and meditating for awhile, I find that I've got a pretty good ordered list of things that are problems. And I'd like to quote an old philosophy professor of mine. "You think you have problems? Cancer. That's a problem".

So I don't yell so much these days; at least not because I'm angry. I seem to have volume issues when I get excited about things - that's a separate issue. My point is that, I don't see the point in getting pissed off about things anymore (people yes, stupid incidents no).

For example, heading east instead of west on the interstate and going 4 miles out of my way? Not a problem. Breaking a glass, not a problem. Sleeping in a giant pile of laundry? HAHAHAHAHAHA - I am a slob!

Anyway, this morning I was in the bathroom trying to brush my teeth and conduct all those little activities that are necessary to function well in polite society. Meanwhile, the mini-loml was entertaining herself with the vanity contents. And then I notice that she's grabbed hold of the box of tampons and is tossing them all over the bathroom floor. okay, not a problem, they're individually wrapped, I'll pick them up later when I've got time.

And then she grabs one and starts chewing on it. So, I'm brushing my teeth and thinking, "okay, they're individually wrapped, but this is kind of disturbing." So I make a grab for it, but she gets super pissed and doesn't want to let go.

"ok.. still, individually wrapped, and the kid is happy, ok whatever". I get a move on with my morning routine and then I notice a) she's dropped the tampon - yay greatness, but then b) she has now moved on to a bag of razor blades.

so before that sounds as awful as it could (too late I know), they're all packed in these nice safe SEALED plastic cases. But YES, I KNOW. THIS IS A PROBLEM. I can't really let her run around playing with these things, even if they are also *individually wrapped*.

So I grab the kid, remove the bag of razor blades, and haul her screaming, tantrum throwing little self out of the bathroom, to kitchen where I can maybe distract her with some french toast.

yay, parenting.


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