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Most everyone I know if a Netflix customer, especially if the recent Facebook status explosion of "Netflix - why are you screwing me over?!" is to be believed. For those of you who aren't customers (and I can only imagine that you aren't reading this entry as you must live some kind of media technology free amish lifestyle), Netflix decided to change the existing plans and simultaneously up their prices.

So we're going to drop the 'real' DVD/Blu-ray products and switch over to streaming only. And I'm ok with that, the last couple of DVD's I got were horrendous. Like "Country Strong". Just look at that title. ughh. I don't even like country music. I only rented it because it had that guy from 'Tron: Legacy' in it.. and i still couldn't bring myself to watch it.

Though i should note that the last musical gwenyth paltrow movie I watched was "Duets" with Huey Lewis. That was much better than I thought - darker too.

Streaming selection has moderately improved with netflix. Just the other night, the loml and I watched "Kick-ass" which was at least 10 times better than I expected (especially regarding Nicholas Cage). And to make a recommendation. This movie was marketed as some kind of juvenile fan-boy comic book super hero flick, and it is. But underneath it, its really an exceptionally done dark comedy. Probably the best one I've seen this decade.

So, its an odd place to find one but if you like both those things (comic book fannish-ness and dark comedy) this movie is for you.


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