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why so serious

so for the last few minutes, I've been pondering my failures. Don't worry, its not too depressing. I'm maintaining a pretty even keel on this one and taking corrective actions as possible. furinstance.. i've noticed that i haven't gotten any legitimate comments since January, which i realize probably has something to do with my near zero amount of posts. So guess what?

I've changed my blog tagline to something offensive and tuned my comments settings. I now officially take commentary from NO ONE. Not even you, my loyal russian spammers, not even you.

so on the upside, i don't feel like discussing my other failings.. instead let us discuss what is good in life. I doubt i'll be able to achieve the big 3, as per Conan, but here is what i got:
1. Ouran High School Host Club - an anime for otaku. sheer bliss is this after all these years of perversion. and that probably doesn't mean what you think it does.
2. Brown Cow whole milk cream on the top yogurt - better than ice cream but i can only find it at Whole Foods.
3. a happy baby. i has one of these (most of the time). it's great.

so not too much pressure; I'm going to end it here adn hopefully I'll get in another entry tomorrow.

and don't forget! I love you all, very much.


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