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October 23, 2011

I am hopeful

i recently attended a one hour session titled "quick tips to improve your business writing". And I did indeed learn a few things.

1. People who care about grammar are pretty judgmental. I'm willing to bet that if all the session attendees had revealed their myers-Briggs Indicators, we would have all shared a big fat J at the end of them for "judging".
2. Traditionally, it is wrong to start a sentence with "hopefully". If I understand correctly, that's because the original meaning of the word is not consistent with "I hope" but instead actually refers to conducting an activity with hope (basically it is an adverb). But this is one of those words whose meaning is changing with the times, so who knows.
3. I need to work on compassion. Ah yes, misanthropy raises it's ugly head and I find myself making my own hell, yet again. But, have no fear people! I am working on it.

See youse later - same bat time same bat blog.

October 24, 2011

World wide pants

i attended another informational session today. And nearly left it.

It was another experience where I've been faced with my lack of compassion for other people. Or to put it another way, it was not easy for me to find anything positive about the inefficiency, ineffectiveness, and general inaccuracy of other people.

But I didn't let it get to me. And when I got some free time this evening I thought I deserved a massage. Yay me! So I put a bath sheet on the bed (like a bath towel but huge!) got out a bottle of massage oil and got in touch with myself.

Ok, I realize this all sounds potentially horribly filthy. It wasn't. I was having a great time working the kinks out of my calves, stretching out my back until things went terribly wrong.

One of the small fluffy secondary citizens of my domicile (the cat, 1 of 3, kind of like the Borg), jumped on the bed and proceeded to snuggle her fuzzy self all over my massage-oily self.

So yeah, maybe things did get a little messy.

But I feel very positive about the whole experience.

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