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am i resolute yet?

Based on my previous entry, one could be forgiven for thinking that my new year's resolution was to stop reading junk on the internet (i know the loml wishes it was) but no. I am not that strong. I may not have any alcohol, narcotic, nicotine, or caffeine dependencies but man - do I NEED the web. and since i'm still a functional human, I'll just keep on with my internetting ways.

My actual new year's resolution was to 'listen to the loml'. And by 'listen', I actually mean 'obey' kind of like how they use it in those old fashioned wedding vows (oddly enough, that word was no where to be found in our vows) but here I am resolving to try it for this year.

There was a nasty break in period the first few days. Lots of moments where the loml would say something and I would be all like "but what about ?!" and then he would give me the "you said you were going to listen to me, woman!" face. And then I would make the scrunch "awww - man... really? ok" face back at him. but then i would do it.

and I must emphasize, the loml is a wonderful father and a good husband. but I've never been so great about following directions so that's what I'm trying to do here. and I have to admit, after awhile, we did hit a pretty neat state of marital accord. I stopped interjecting with objections, and after a few days, the loml actually seemed to listen more. WEIRD!

Though I must confess - there was one crazy night in there where, seized by what I must assume was a massive backlash against the new policy, i did implement a few hours of "ok honey, you are going to listen to ME. NOW."

So, hope all y'alls new year is going well. I'm going to try swimming at the local community center tomorrow morning during open swim. This should be interesting because every time I think about the phrase "open swim" I am inevitably reminded of the Cartoon Network's Adult Swim and my favorite show, which was Sea Lab 2020. Wow - did I love that show. and the awesome theme song! "underneath the seaaaaa lab.. under neath the water! that is where you'll find meee! seaaaaa laaaab"

oh - good times.


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