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super morbid

Happy New Year everybody!

I spent my morning engaged in an old tradition of mine. On new year's day, I camp out in front of the television and watch tv shows about fat people. Apparently, they no longer do a 'Biggest Loser' marathon (or if they did, I couldn't find it). Instead I watched tales of the super morbidly obese. Which was fine by me. The only other interesting thing on was a show on optical illusions. It had some nice demonstrations but for some reason, watching people who had to be carried out of their homes by teams of EMS to get to a hospital won the battle for my viewership.

I don't know what the official criteria is to be classified as 'super-morbidly obese' but apparently being anywhere from 600 to 1000 lbs will get you there. In the case of the people I watched, some doctors won't even perform a gastric bypass on you if you are more that 500 lbs because there is an insanely high chance that stress imposed by the surgery will cause you to drop dead. or roll dead... or something... settle dead? ( i know that sounds like a tacky joke, but these people can't even sit up on their own and i feel a need to get this image right in my head)

I had given up on watching this kind of thing for a couple of years. A short time after I realized that I was deriving a mean satisfaction from knowing that I would never be like these people, I also realized that wasn't how I wanted to spend my time. So I stopped watching.

So after all that time, why now, why today? Why did I spend an hour watching these miserable people attempting to lose weight just so that they could qualify to get a gastric bypass?

hah - well. it turns out that I am just like those suffering fat sacks of humanity. i was trying to stay off the internet. I waste too much time consuming content of low nutritive value. All these ridicuouls websites were like shovin mcdonalds value meals into my brain. But like any counselor will tell you, applying a treatment while failing to address the root cause of an issue will only result in moving the unhealthy behavior elsewhere. So in attempting to avoid my usual trashy surfing habits, I instead wound up with a crappy tv watching session (though honestly, given the quality of today's programming - I seriously doubt there is anything I could have watched this morning which would have been ok, but maybe that's denial talking, eh?)

so tell me (and that's rhetorical, given that I've disabled comments), is there any such thing as dramatic entertainment that is 'right' for the mind? is 'jeopardy' ok due to its academic content? or is it a question of quantity? If I only watch one episode of 'jersey shore' a week, then maybe my brain won't get too whacked out? is 'ace of cakes' any better, really?

Does my mind look fat on this channel?

Is there such a thing as a metaphor gone too far? or did I lose you when I made the fat joke?

sigh. These are the moments when I wish there were more shows like "Community" out there.

Happy New Year, and remember...
I love you all, very much.


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