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one fish, two fish, selfish... what?

I was just reading an article about ways that a physician can resist a patient's inappropriate request for antibiotics. Evidently, this is a common issue where patients feel like they need "something" to "fix" their bad feelings, so they insist on getting antibiotics. Some doctors, wishing to avoid confrontation, will write the perscription. You can find the article here.

i found the article pretty interesting, almost buddhist. There was one sentence that really resonated with me. It effectively said that if you are having trouble summoning empathy for another person, than it was possible that you are not getting your needs met and are on the road to compassion burn out. Or to say it another way, how can you effectively help others when you are not at your best?

I think this is one of those magic tricks that we can all learn. How to transform assholes into normal people! If you are in that rare position of being able to impact or give a person something they need, you should! See if a few days of this makes them any better of a person. And the heck with others, how about yourself? Isn't it always a good time to work on your inner asshole? (let's ignore the outer asshole :)

haha - so, that being said. How do we determine what we really need? Well, one fun way is to attempt to go without and then see what breaks. In the IT industry, this troubleshooting method is what we refer to as the "let's just disconnect the thing and see who complains". This is a fun way to do things, and it makes an assumption. That you can listen to yourself enough to actually notice what is broken. I see a lot of crazy people who can't hear themselves. Personally, i think this is when meditation is a good idea. but really people, we have to start listening to ourselves first.

Thanks for all the fish!


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