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the continuing adventures of little miss

i would not forgive myself if i forgot abut what happened this evening. So I am committing it to the eternity of the internet. Here we go:

Earlier today, the loml took the mini-loml to the zoo. They had a delightful time and when they came back, she promptly passed out for nap time. And as all parents know - nap time is when you get anything done that you ever had a hope for accomplishing with all your attention.

So there I was, atttempting to assemble a four-person backpacking tent in the entertainment room, while the loml watched tv, when we heard a series of thumps. "Ah," said I to the loml, "sounds like someone is up". At which point, the loml said "oh. I meant to tell you. She can climb out of her crib now!" and I said "What? What hap-" at which point I was cut off with instructions to go get our toddler out of the crib before she launched herself at the floor from the top of the rails.

Later, I turned to the loml and said "I guess we have to convert the crib then."

Which is how we found ourselves that evening, me getting the mini-loml ready for bed, while the loml removed the rails to convert the crib into a little day bed. Curiously enough, the mini-loml didn't seem to notice or care that anything had changed. I read her a book and put her to bed, like normal. As I left her room to wash dishes, I figured I probably had about 6 hours before she figured out that the side of her bed was now missing.

Turns out, i only had 6 minutes. As I was rinsing out some tupperware, I heard some wailing from the bed room. I stepped in to find that the mini-loml was poking at the side of her bed and that some of the animals had fallen out. I knelt down and handed her an animal. Which is when she realized that OMG - there was a space that things could pass through, and in about thirty seconds she had climbed off the bed, noted "I climb off the bed!" and then left the bedroom, carefully shutting the door behind her. "bye-bye - see you later!" I sh*t you not. She actually said that to me. You know how old she is? Two!

anyway, I corraled her back into her room and told her to get into bed. She climbed in "I did it!". and then laid down and let me cover her with a blanket. I left a small bolster by her side, in the hopes it would let her know where the boundary of the mattress was, and left her to sleep.

All was quiet... until about thirty minutes later when I heard a loud thump following by some louder crying. So much for the bolster, it sounded like she had fallen out of bed. So I dashed to her room, grabbing one the pillow/bases from a living room couch. Sure enough, she was on the floor freaking out. "Did you fall out of bed?" "I fell outta bed!".

So I held her a bit and then placed her back on the bed. I showed her the couch cushion, which is about the size of a thin single mattress. "See this pillow?" I showed her. "I'm going to put this on the floor so you won't get hurt".

And the moment she saw it, she was thrilled. but not for the reason I had hoped. Instead she instantly realized what I had given her. A new bed. "Bed! I sleep here!" and she grabbed her pillow off her bed and dragged it onto the couch cushion.

And this is where I gave up. I helped her make her bed on the couch cushion and bid her good night. For the next thirty minute, I ignored all kinds of little thumpings and what-not coming from her room. Until I heard her calling for help. So I poked my head in, expecting to see her stuck under the bed or something, but no. She just wanted someone to smooth out her blanket. So I smoothed out the blanket, offered her a stuffed animal, which was carefully placed on the pillow, and left her to sleep.

Which she has apparently been doing for the last hour. OMG - i hope it stays that way.


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